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Complaint by Dr. Pepper :

This lady is completely psycho. I wish there was a way we could warn the DC area about her. Unfortunately, my friend just fell victim to her and is now being harrassed by this unstable person. It's unfornate that we found out AFTER the fact that this woman is sompletely unhinged. PLEASE BEWARE! The most recent address she has given out is the Barton at Woodley. She's attempting to sublet (illegally). Please be careful.

Reported on: 23rd, Nov. 2022
Complaint by Anonymous :

Appears she is still at it:

Reported on: 19th, Aug. 2021
Complaint by Former Subleaser :

Lori has been pulling this nonsense in DC for more than a decade, and is one of the worst, most dishonest, and straight up unhinged people I’ve ever crossed paths with. Avoid at all costs.

Reported on: 10th, Aug. 2020
Complaint by Anon :

2408836422 Google Voice number associated with Lori K Watzman. She reached out to me on Facebook to rent me a room, she didn't read my post (which specified young female professionals), and then when I told her I was looking for female housemates, she chastised me for "being a loser" and said that the current male roommate was "not a threat" and said I was a "silly waste of time". Nice to see good ol' psychology 101 in action, classic projection. Thanks Lori, for wasting my time... but at least I didn't end up renting a room from her, could have gotten far worse, judging by these comments.

Reported on: 11th, Feb. 2020
Complaint by Anon :

2408836422 Google Voice number associated with Lori K Watzman. She reached out to me on Facebook to rent me a room, she didn't read my post (which specified young female professionals), and then when I told her I was looking for female housemates, she chastised me for "being a loser" and said that the current male roommate was "not a threat" and said I was a "silly waste of time". Nice to see good ol' psychology 101 in action, classic projection. Thanks Lori, for wasting my time... but at least I didn't end up renting a room from her, could have gotten far worse, judging by these comments.

Reported on: 11th, Feb. 2020
Complaint by Tina Esq. :

You people have no idea anything about this person and are stepping on a very slippery slope by this defamation of character with violation of slander and libel laws. I am an attorney and our firm is building a case here. I recommend a cease and desist of this immediately. You aren't as anonymous as you think you are. Beware!

Reported on: 14th, Sep. 2017
Complaint by Anonymous :

The comments that highlight how Lori is an upstanding person are all from her. She's been harassing people online for years and was recently banned from the DC Housing group on Facebook. She had a friend of hers post about her apartment (that I'm not sure even exists) and she began her tirades. Please be aware that she uses several email addresses and names, which have been previously listed in these complaints. There is a thread of people on Facebook that have noted how she has harassed them.

Reported on: 11th, Aug. 2017
Complaint by Jan :

LOL!!! You people are all CRAZY!!! On some witchhunt... mixing numbers names emails texts all together assuming people on craigslist are even legit...those LOOKING yes... don't you see.. why bother using some site and continue to call people out that you know nothing about... of think you do because of this crazy site... anyone can write absolutely anything and it all gets glommed on with other stuff... but please believe those gorgeous photos with the ridiculously low rents and rent those places and keep getting scammed... yeah do that and then call put innocent people that are legit.. you people are oh so predicatable and not very intelligent at all!! If someone has offered to show a place exactly how are they SCMMING YOU??? To define A SCAM is when someone HAS NO PLACE and you cannot reach them by phone only text and email because they are HIDING and they demand money before you see anything... learn something before you have no place to live all summer or all year... Just shows the silly heard mentality and how is this productive in you finding a place! Don't believe everything you read anywhere... it may not be true!! FAKE NEWS!!

Reported on: 11th, Jun. 2017
Complaint by Beth :

Some person seemed more RUDE and More confused as he couldn't confirm dates of job arrival, into dc, price range etc .. all this cragslist stuff is just garbage.. he asked to have dates that werent even available...not sure how I am mixed up with all these other people and number.. craigslist .. you get what you pay for NOTHING!!! Except wasted time!! If you believe all this stuff people make up and put here from craigslist then happy to sell you some nice swamps in Florida!! This is all a bunch of BS!!! If someone is legit they tend to know their schedule and dates and actual needs! Good luck kid!

Reported on: 6th, Jun. 2017
Complaint by Craigslist User :

This woman trying to rent sublets in DC. She does not give a straight forward answer to location. Seems very confused. She super rude, insulting and harrassing. Please beware of her she is a nightmare! This is from personal experience.

Reported on: 6th, Jun. 2017
Complaint by Judy :

These are ALL LIES!!! Somehow these emails and names are ALL mixed up... I know this person and she is pursuing legal action and is the MOST legit person I KNOW!! She has NO need to SCAM anyone but has told me about people HARRASSING on CRAIGSLIST to NO END!! Something like a law student committed then thats the scammer!! You all from what I heard certainly provoke situations by committing and then flaking out...sending people in some kind of runaround! PEOPLE LIKE HER ARE BUSY AND DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR GAMES! I have used craigslist several times and SCAMMERS are those who take your money for something that doesn't exist that is NOT what is going on here! Most of you are young students who must have parents pay and have NO idea how difficult DC housing is..REAL housing that is EXISTING!! She is managing a friends place and that is ALL!! I SUGGEST you stop because she said her lawyers are getting involved in this situation. By the way one of BEST friends is Muslim even her dentist.. so think you are confused!

Reported on: 2nd, Jun. 2017
Complaint by Anonymous :

This woman posts on craigslist for sublets in DC. She is a scammer. She sublets to sublet and never a real address! She is a psycho and lunatic. She harrasses to no end-BEWARE!! Leaving us crazy voice message and horrible horrible emails that are beyond cursing!! All the complaints are the same as us! Has a few email address and phone numbers

Reported on: 1st, Jun. 2017
Complaint by Anonymous Part 2 :

this is some of the racist stuff she sent me: you and your ******* bull **** all you drama queen muslim shame on you!! bad karma all summer in dc!! how ******* dare you waste my time ******* ***** en shala you have no place all summer and are hoeess in dc and get scammed I cant wait for that to ha[[en because you illegal aliens have bad karma! SHE IS A HORRIBLE RACIST NIGHTMARE.

Reported on: 31st, May. 2017
Complaint by Anonymous :

Just had an absolutely horrifying experience with Lori Watzman. She was extremely rude and kept accusing us of being a scam, so we told her we no longer want to subelase from her. This unleashed some sort of evil hurricane, as she began harassing us, leaving threatening voicemails, and became racist/making horrible remarks about our Muslim faith. She has sent me at least 10 emails harassing me and left countless voicemails as well. BEWARE.

Reported on: 31st, May. 2017
Complaint by The REAL Story :

So this really has all gone far enough! Frightening and terrible to assault someone innocent in this manner and attempting to ruin someone's good name! I am a business associate and successful business owner and have known Lori for over 15 years and she has even invested in my businesses, is extremely successful in her own right and I know her to be nothing but honest, reliable and at the top of the integrity spectrum. I also have used craigslist and recognize there are many scammers and dishonest people there, totally in opposition to her high standards of following through, being dependable and she will speak up if she disagrees. Additionally, I am quite certain she has been hassled to NO END by enough people that she has NO patience for people who say they are doing one thing and then do another, set up meetings don't show, scammers from Nigeria,etc. all those crazy things one generally comes to expect as the best case scenario on CL. After enough of these continuous encounters with unreliable unverifiable random strangers anyone would have a complete aversion to the site but still may find themselves in position to use it but odd situation because both sides operate from standpoint of mistrust from the beginning. Frankly this site here isn't anything legit anyway, so any of you that believe this gibberish without considering that there is clearly another side and this outrageous herd mentality isn't based in much of any reality. I also know she is in the process of speaking to our business attorney regarding libel/slander implications that have occurred. Remember fake news is just that and anyone that believes this site and doesn't know the person involved as I have for so many years, are doing themselves a disservice by taking all this at face value to be the gospel! I know without reservation, that all this is not true by any means..also it does appear that different emails that I know she doesn't use and numbers that aren't accurate are all blended in yourself a favor and do your own research and don't trust this site without verifying!! BIG mistake! This online bullying needs to stop RIGHT here and Right now..all of you need to evaluate your own role in these sitautions and how you have contributed to making anything go wrong! Food for thought!

Reported on: 6th, Apr. 2017
Complaint by Rhonda P :

Seriously people!! Can you really assume anything on craigslist is reliable??? Somehow emails and phone numbers and names are all confused here!! Just remember there are two sides to every story... and I know having done anything or sold on craigslist people flake out ALL the time and its unnerving..everyone says one thing and does another!! Its INSANE THERE!

Reported on: 5th, Apr. 2017
Complaint by Polly :

I have only today received about 10 excessively hateful and abusive emails from this crazy woman using two aliases Beth Harman and Lori Watzman who attempted to buy some event tickets from me but gave me the run around and after googling her name I came across this and stopped the purchase. Please do yourself a favour and ignore this psycho.

Reported on: 4th, Apr. 2017
Complaint by Amanda H. :

I seem to have had a very similar experience to all of you and just wanted to make sure the phone number is here so it comes up when people Google it. (202) 503-4580 I told her I'd found a place in Shaw instead and she told me that I was a ***** and will likely get murdered there. I have about ten rambling voicemails with and eventually just blocked her. Definitely has some sort of mental disability. Be careful out there, everyone!

Reported on: 2nd, Apr. 2017
Complaint by Ellen Tuchman :

You know anyone can make up whatever they want here... and clearly this is what has happened I am a business associate of Ms Watzman and there is clearly a mistake, I happened to see this and there is NO Mike Pitts no apartment scandal with police.. and if this isnt stopped asap we are getting attorneys involved as this is clearly slander.. seriously someone just is harrassing her and it will end here!

Reported on: 23rd, Feb. 2017
Complaint by Mike Pitts :

Was sorry to here Lori Watzman is still harassing and conning people in DC. She is mentally unstable and always believes she is a victim, as I have learned from other people she has deceived. Last year she pretended to be an apartment broker, and rented an apartment to me that she had rented for herself. The apartment's owner and I discovered that she had rented the apartment for one price and up-charged the rent to me. Before it was all over, she sent threatening emails and phone calls to me and the owner. We had to get the police involved. These are some of the names she uses, although she might have changed them by now: Lori Watzman Sylvia Berman

Reported on: 7th, Feb. 2017
Complaint by New to washington :

Reported on: 19th, Dec. 2016
Complaint by Avoid Her :

she is on the facebook group for housing in the dc area she will become unnecessarily rude with you, and threaten you be careful

Reported on: 29th, Oct. 2016
Complaint by Unpleasant Interaction :

I had an unpleasant interaction with her online, and she started cursing at me and then blocked me. I googled her name, and this came up--wow, I'm glad I avoided all of that craziness.

Reported on: 22nd, Oct. 2016
Complaint by lori :

Someone alerted me to these terrible postings. There has been a horrible mistake/mix-up here as I am NOT affiliated with Susan Berman or the sberman email listed. I know an Alain Vo a wannabe filmmaker in CA attempted to steal some extra Sundance credentials from me and paypal security team corrected the problem, he lied and said another made the purchase but they verified it was he who made the charge! So he was angry that he got caught in his duplicitious acts so this was how he retaliated! Legal action is currently being pursued against him for defamation of character and privacy violations! Please stay away from this guy as he clearly has some really disturbing issues!

Reported on: 19th, May. 2016
Complaint by Heather :

I actually work with this Terri person and she has been suspended from her job in Anacostia for very inappropriate behavior so I think its important to take with a grain of salt anything coming from her and her insane boyfriend Ben who has gotten her pregnant and won't even marry her..I knew she had been bothering people on craigslist and wanted to set the record straight!

Reported on: 18th, Mar. 2016
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