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Complaint by Loren :

Just had the scammer live. Knew something was off by a text from a Danny with a email adress a William. What a silly goose looking for shipment of a fragile clarinet

Reported on: 12th, May. 2022
Complaint by Laura :

I've just googled the email address because I thought this was a bit suss and I've found this thread. He wants to buy my second hand kithen for full price and ship it to Aberdeen?? Weird.. At least I know he's a scammer now. I might string him along for a while and waste his time.

Reported on: 7th, May. 2022
Complaint by Enda R :

same as above, got a weird text which you can't respond to. Offered to buy at full price but could only pay by Paypal as he's living in Spain so a friend would pick it up instead.

Reported on: 8th, Jun. 2021
Complaint by Katherine :

Weird.... Got phone message requesting email response. The phone message cannot be responded to, you can only contact by email. Definitely dodgy response to done deal ad

Reported on: 25th, May. 2021
Complaint by gearoid :

was delighted to get the asking price on done deal until he said he would be shipping the sofa he bought from me to Madrid!! not the sharpest scammer id say. thanks for the warnings on here

Reported on: 18th, May. 2021
Complaint by Peter :

Same email exactly as a Sean the week before. Stalking done deal, offering to buy at asking price, looking for your PayPal account details.

Reported on: 10th, May. 2021
Complaint by dermot :

same thing said he would buy furniture i was selling on donedeal and wanted to pay me through paypal he will look for your email and phone number not sure what he can do with these

Reported on: 1st, Nov. 2017
Complaint by Sebastian :

This person tries to scam you when trying to sell furniture.

Reported on: 21st, Nov. 2016
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