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Complaint by Penelope Alvion :

{K N I G H T H O O D B O T RECOVERY CORPORATION.. After establishing trust, a contact on Telegram persuaded me to engage in Bitcoin trading on the website HSBTRADE. They provided specific times for buying and selling, and I started with small investments that yielded profits. However, I was encouraged to add more funds in order to maximize my rewards. The trading involved 4 or 5 options, and it continued for two weeks. I noticed that my contact was also making trades on my behalf, but at a higher rate, which made it appear legitimate. At one point, I attempted to withdraw funds to my bank account, and the process went smoothly. However, when I invested in larger trades worth $88,000 and my trades were due for withdrawal, the transfer was blocked. Customer service informed me that I needed to pay taxes on my profits before making any withdrawals. I tried to use my account balance within HSBTRADE to pay the tax, but I was instructed to send funds from another account to a provided address. When I questioned my contact about this, they assured me it was normal and urged me to pay the tax. However, I felt that I had gone too far and did not want to risk investing more money. I am uncertain if my funds will be released even if I pay the tax to HSBTRADE, but I do not believe they will. Recently, I discovered a trustworthy source for retrieving my funds that were stuck on their website. I immediately sought assistance from K N I G H T H O O D B O T R E C O V E R Y C O R P, who carefully examined all the details I provided about the scam company and successfully recovered my funds effortlessly. I am certain that the previous company was a scam, and even before reaching out to K N I G H T H OO D B O T CORP, I had confidence that they would retrieve my funds since I contacted them just a week after noticing the withdrawal issues. For those who may be wondering if their lost funds can be recovered, I can assure you that it is possible with K N I G H T H O O D B O T R E C O V E R Y C O R P. I am a witness to their success in asset recovery, and I encourage you to seek their support today via their email: K N I G H T H O O D B O T at GMAIL Dot COM or Telegram ID: K ni gh th oo db ot9.

Reported on: 29th, Nov. 2023
Complaint by Ablah Shamoun :

The internet is becoming increasingly frightening with each passing day. It seems that nothing can be trusted online anymore. I had a distressing experience while embarking on a condominium investment project. I had been exploring property investment opportunities in the Middle East, and after considering various offers from real estate companies, I decided to go with "Damac Prive." I communicated with one of their sales representatives through what I believed to be their official email. However, it turned out to be a cloned email. The sales representative shared several documents with me via email, and after reviewing them, I made the decision to sign the contract with Damac Prive. I invested a total of 9 million Dirham, which was approximately $1.8 million at the time. The entire transaction was conducted using Bitcoin, as they indicated on the contract to be the mode of payment upon signing the contract . It's important to note that I discovered this offer through an online real estate agent I came across during my research.It wasn't until I arrived in Dubai to see the property I had paid for that I realized I had fallen victim to a scam. After scheduling an appointment with the genuine individuals involved, including the CEO, Hussein Al Sajwani, I learned that I had been dealing with fake representatives from the CEO down to the sales agent. Thankfully, the real Hussein Al Sajwani introduced me to a private hacker called "Knight Hood Bot Recovery Corp." He had previously worked with them to recover assets for clients who had lost their funds in a similar manner. Their success rate in recovering assets was an impressive 99.9 percent. I contacted Knight Hood Bot Recovery Corp through Telegram (K N I G H T H OO D B O T 9 ) and provided them with all the details regarding the transaction. They made use of this information to recover a significant portion of my assets, although not all of them could be retrieved due to some of the funds having already been used by the fraudsters. I urge you to exercise caution and be wary of whom you trust online these days. If you have unfortunately fallen victim to similar circumstances, I recommend seeking help from K N I G H T H O O D B O T @ G M A I L dot COM. Remember, it is never too late to speak up and take action.

Reported on: 27th, Nov. 2023
Complaint by Hannah Craig :

Smh..It is truly unfathomable how individuals who deceive others out of their hard-earned money can sleep peacefully at night. My personal encounter with these scammers was not only outrageous but also had a severe negative impact on my mental health. However, I am grateful that I came across VIRTUAL HACKNET RECOVERY FIRM after the incident occurred. Let me share my story. I stumbled upon an advertisement on Facebook where these scammers claimed to be part of Elon Musk’s team. They were promoting an ongoing giveaway by Elon to his fans. Intrigued, I messaged the creator of the advertisement and was directed to the team manager, who explained everything to me and provided instructions on how to participate in the giveaway. To be eligible, I had to purchase a spot, which cost me a staggering $32,000. I was added to a private group where Mr. Jacobs was the admin, and there were three other individuals, including myself, making a total of five. To proceed further, they sent a contract to my email, stating that I needed to fund $250,000 to a wallet they set up themselves and sent me login details . Once I made the payment, they would have access to my wallet information, which supposedly would be used for the giveaway. Although it seemed a bit suspicious, I still went ahead with the deposit because I had actually spoken to Elon himself over video call, and I believed the GIVEAWAY to be genuine when his personal assistant sent me the email.After transferring the $250,000, I was then asked to make another wire transfer of $180,000 to the same Metamask wallet they set up,Witnessing all these shady activities, I knew I had to seek help from VIRTUAL HACKNET RECOVERY FIRM who saved me from the shackles of those people. These scammers were too good at what they did but the RECOVERY TEAM had the ability to recover the funds. For any withdrawal difficulties, you know who to contact “ VIRTUALHACKNET @ GMAIL . COM ./ Telegram ID : Virtualhacknet

Reported on: 24th, Nov. 2023
Complaint by Vanessa :

Hello everyone, I’m Julia Gates from South Carolina, USA, and a few weeks ago, I was swindled off $275,000 worth of Bitcoins and Ethereum by a cryptocurrency trader who promised me huge returns on my investment. I was not aware it was a scam until I tried to withdraw my profits and I was logged out asking to pay tax. I thought I had lost everything until I came across an article just like this about Tessy Recovery, A cryptocurrency recovery team who was able to recover stolen funds for many other people. I contacted them the following day and to my surprise, I was able to recover my money in less than 5days. Their service is truly remarkable and I must commend them for getting my funds back from the hands of these scammers. Contact their support team for further assistance: HQRECOVERY22 at GMAIL dot COM Thank me later.

Reported on: 2nd, Nov. 2023
Complaint by Shu-fen Wong :

Cryptocurrency has become a popular form of digital currency, with many investors putting their trust and money into it. However, this also makes it a target for broke hackers and scammers looking to make a quick buck. I learned this the hard way when my cryptocurrency was stolen by a group of skilled scammers. I lost 820, 649 USDT to those heartless scammers through Crypto investment, Feeling helpless and devastated, I didn’t know where to turn until I came across an article online about Lord Hacker Ultimate Digital Assets Recovery Agency and their good work and recommendation on recovering stolen Funds/Crypto from scammers, I did some research about them on my own, which I was satisfied with, so I contacted them via their hotline and report my case, they gave me their procedure to follow which I did, in my greatest surprise. With their expertise in hacking and stolen BTC recovery, they were able to help me recover my stolen crypto back to my wallet in just 4-5 hours, they also helped me increase my credit scores and gave me a sense of relief. quickly contact them if you are a scam victim through their hotline Email: L.H.ULTIMATE@ FASTSERVICE.COM,  Website:,  Telegram: @lordhackerultimate,  Signal No: +16266210821,  WhatsApp No: +16266210821.

Reported on: 29th, Oct. 2023
Complaint by Mamadou Haidara :

June 28, 2023 I mistakenly sent $116,000 worth of BTC to a recipient in a failed business deal and he refused to refund it and even went ahead to block me. I felt heartbroken. In my search for a solution, I contacted multiple recovery firms I found online including Daniel Meuli Recovery and today I only mention them because they were the ones who successfully tracked my transaction through their expert technology and was able to recover my stolen money eventually and the thief exposed and arrested. All questions and requests regarding Crypto transactions should be forwarded to Daniel Meuli Recovery for a solution using: Telegram @ Danielmeuli or whatsapp +.

Reported on: 27th, Oct. 2023
Complaint by Irene Clark :

FROM CYBERCRIME DEPARTMENT Get to note the scammers and seek help immediately! Don’t be fooled by big profits and money guarantee. Mostly those who promise big money in the crypto market are scammers. Never allow investment plans on a dating app. Scammers mostly use the investment tactic to ask for cryptocurrency. They may also reach out to you in the disguise of big companies, celebrities and government agencies. If someone reaches you out of the blues in pretense of being an investment manager or promising you free money. Always ask questions before making any anonymous payments. Honest investors are always ready to share that information in detail. Seek out in case you are facing such losses immediately. They have been known for over 5 years for their recovery services. Be safe.

Reported on: 27th, Oct. 2023
Complaint by Diana Rose :

Cybernet Surveillance is your go-to solution when your phone falls victim to hacking. With their expertise in data recovery and advanced detection techniques, they provide a reliable and efficient service to help you regain control of your device and secure your personal information. In today's digital age, our smartphones hold a plethora of personal and sensitive information, making phone security a top priority. From financial details to personal photos, the data we store on our phones can be valuable and vulnerable. Protecting it from hackers is crucial to maintaining our privacy and preventing potential loss or misuse of our information. Cybernet Surveillance is a trusted firm to ensure that you are saved from hackers who are out there to steal.Contact information is: Email: Cybernetsurveillance @ mail . com. WhatsApp number: ‪+1 (908) 883‑7240

Reported on: 25th, Oct. 2023
Complaint by Barbara Michelle :

When you learn that your bitcoin wallet has been compromised, just imagine how horrible it feels. John a very good friend of mine, a distressed bitcoin user, experienced just that. But John's misplaced bitcoin was eventually recovered with the help of Hi Tech Recovery. They were able to find the funds and get them back thanks to their rigorous investigation of the blockchain and use of cutting-edge techniques. Hi Tech Recovery has assisted in numerous successful bitcoin recoveries, John's tale is only one of them. This story serves as a testament to Hi Tech Recovery's ability to find solutions even in complex situations. Email them at;

Reported on: 22nd, Oct. 2023
Complaint by Oliver Gabriel :

"I felt apprehensive and uneasy after I misplaced my Bitcoin. But with the assistance of coin recovery experts. I felt hope again. Professionalism and coinrecovery specialists fostered a sense of certainty and trust. They were really helpful, giving me thorough explanations of the recuperation process and making sure I was aware of everything at all times. I was able to successfully retrieve my lost Bitcoin thanks to I sincerely appreciate their help and heartily endorse their offerings." + 447448074936

Reported on: 21st, Oct. 2023
Complaint by Oliver :

"I felt apprehensive and uneasy after I misplaced my Bitcoin. But with the assistance of coin recovery experts. I felt hope again. Professionalism and coinrecovery specialists fostered a sense of certainty and trust. They were really helpful, giving me thorough explanations of the recuperation process and making sure I was aware of everything at all times. I was able to successfully retrieve my lost Bitcoin thanks to I sincerely appreciate their help and heartily endorse their offerings." + 447448074936

Reported on: 20th, Oct. 2023
Complaint by Oliver :

"I felt apprehensive and uneasy after I misplaced my Bitcoin. But with the assistance of coin recovery experts. I felt hope again. Professionalism and coinrecovery specialists fostered a sense of certainty and trust. They were really helpful, giving me thorough explanations of the recuperation process and making sure I was aware of everything at all times. I was able to successfully retrieve my lost Bitcoin thanks to I sincerely appreciate their help and heartily endorse their offerings." + 447448074936

Reported on: 20th, Oct. 2023
Complaint by Vanessa Gago :

How to Avoid Bitcoin and Cry ptocurrency Scams//Lost Recovery Masters Do you want to recover your lost bitcoin? Do you wish to get your BTC money back that was stolen? To do this, you must establish a connection with the proper agency. Lost Recovery Masters is a Group specializing in instances involving cryptocurrencies and fraudulent investment schemes. It is a private investigative and funds recovery organization. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of Bitcoin recovery. To get in touch with Lost Recovery Masters and report your issue Contact details below: Website https:// lostrecoverymasters. com/ Support team Mail Support@ lostrecoverymasters. com WhatsApp: +1(204)819-5505.

Reported on: 12th, Oct. 2023
Complaint by Tom Bellingham :

I'm Tom Bellingham from London, England. I am an Internet personality/Blogger, The Founder and Content Manager at WTF1. I want to tell y'all about OMEGA CRYPTOS SPECIALIST the solution to all your lost cryptocurrencies. Omega Crypto Specialist Intelligence was founded by cyber intelligence, Crypto Investigations, asset recovery and offshore legal experts with over 40 years of experience in these fields individually they came together to form a boutique cyber and crypto intelligence group focused on providing good results. They are headquartered in Texas, Omega Crypto Specialist Intelligence has it’s cybint operations center in Rehovot, Israel and it’s global investigations head office in Austin, TX 78703, USA Contact info: (Mail; (WhatsAp +(1)-(251)-(216)-6466

Reported on: 26th, Sep. 2023
Complaint by Peter Prus :

Bitcoin is a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. However, it is important to use Bitcoin responsibly and to be aware of the risks involved. If you are new to Bitcoin, it is important to do your research and learn about the technology before you start using it. There are a number of resources available online and in libraries that can help you get started. You need the service of HI TECH recovery { } to assist you trade or regain your lost Bitcoin. Many people has lost a lot of bitcoin either to investment scam or it was stolen directly from their wallet. So for the reason that you have no control over your wallet or you need your bitcoin restored after been invested with a wrong broker, do contact HI TECH recovery right away so that the transaction can be traced and your bitcoin can be recovered in short time. HI TECH recovery is the reliable hacking group out here for a successful job like this. Contact: Telegram: @hitechrecovery

Reported on: 24th, Sep. 2023
Complaint by Everlyn Laicester :

I am aware firsthand of the devastation that losing a Bitcoin can cause, particularly if its value has increased. I recently lost my Bitcoin due to a phishing assault. I was inconsolable and believed I would never see my money again. However, I then learned about Bitcoin recovery services. I was initially dubious, but I made the decision to give it a shot. I'm so happy I did. Within a few weeks, the Bitcoin recovery staff at Lord Hacker Ultimate Digital Assets Recovery was able to retrieve my Bitcoin. They were competent, skilled, and professional. I'm extremely appreciative of their support. To speak to a rep of Lord Hacker Ultimate Digital Recovery Assets, Email: L.H.ULTIMATE@FASTSERVICE.COM,  WhatsApp No: +19095063423, website:, YouTube page: @lordhackerultimate

Reported on: 20th, Sep. 2023
Complaint by Müller :

MOUSE HACKER CRYPTOCURRENCY RECOVERY SERVICES Thank you so much for recovering some of my lost money. I was hopeless and devastated.
I was about to give up when a friend advised me to try to discuss my matter with MOUSE HACKER.
Thank you very much for being professional, and accomodating. Good customer service and great satisfaction achieved. They helped me recover my money from scam. I am really grateful to them for their help and support. Awesome job done. Keep it up! I would recommend to anyone who needs their help. Many Thanks 😊 Via Email': Mousehacker1211@ Telegram Messenger: (+44 745 869 3890

Reported on: 20th, Sep. 2023
Complaint by Melissa Sanders :

I never believed I could recover all my funds back to my wallet, my colleague introduced a professional hacker to me ADRAIN LAMO HACKER AGENCY, and this hacker recovered the $766,000 that was stolen from me by these online scammers. ADRIAN LAMO HACKER AGENCY recovered all my funds within 24 hours. If you’re a victim I do advise you to consult These professional hacker via email:

Reported on: 19th, Sep. 2023
Complaint by Anthony Morphy :

⚫️ ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT RECOVERY OF LOST FUNDS, CRYPTO SCAM RECOVERY AND INVESTMENT RECOVERY ⚫️ ⚫️ These days you have to be very careful about who you contact for Funds Recovery because most of these companies out there who claim they are funds recovery experts are not really who they claim they are, especially those that spam comment sections with their gmail, they are as wack as the scammers who took your money in the first place. come to think of it, why would a Legit Firm be using a mere gmail instead of a professional email address. If you’ve had encounters with these guys, you’ld appreciate this Write up.. ⚫️ Truth be told, the only organization capable of retrieving your lost funds from online scams, Bitcoin Scam, Crypto Scam, scam investment websites, etc, are Team of PROFESSIONAL HACKERS & CYBER FORENSIC EXPERTS, they are the ones who knows various Retrieval Techniques and Strategies that suits different scenarios of Funds Retrieval such as Bitcoin retrieval, investment scam retrieval , crypto Trading scam retrieval and so on. If you are smart enough, you should know that online scam recovery is a very Professional Case that requires Professional Handling by EXPERTS in the field. If You inquire Professional Funds Recovery Services, Then You have to take a SMART step by consulting the Leading Team of Highly Ranked Hackers and Certified Cyber Forensic Experts At FUNDS RETRIEVAL PANEL. 🌏WEBSITE: 🌏📩EMAIL: 📩

Reported on: 15th, Sep. 2023
Complaint by Connie Patrick :

Dedicated to  Pro Wizard Gilbert Recovery and their exemplary staff. I cannot articulate  sufficient appreciation for your superb help in finding my stolen cryptocurrency.  Pro Wizard Gilbert Recovery's exceptional knowledge and unrelenting dedication were essential in recovering what appeared to be lapsed permanently.  They went above and beyond what I expected with their understanding of the crypto terrain and diligent efforts to reclaim my money. I've gotten access to my priceless possessions once more thanks to  Pro Wizard Gilbert Recovery. They provided me with outstanding care and individualized support throughout this trying period, and I will always be grateful. You can contact  Pro Wizard Gilbert Recovery at: Contact: prowizardgilbertrecovery(At) WhatsApp: +1 (361) 418‑1326

Reported on: 12th, Sep. 2023
Complaint by Leon :

Unfortunately, the rate at which fraud is happening in the current millennium is rampant. In the defense department, we don’t go for as much as two days without a new exciting case. Well, the blame is not entirely on the public. These people have run this dark business for long enough and will make it all look so shiny. It has taken long research, trial and error methods, loss es… to finally get the most standing solution. What about the use of high-tech personnel? Recently, the department came across Tech Web Services. We ran several researches on this service-provider company. Collected customer-rating data and finally tried out seeking their service on recovery. It’s finally safe to say, use TECK WEB SERVICES to get back your financial losses on fraudsters. Email: teckwebservices @ Whatsapp:+44 7475936068

Reported on: 12th, Sep. 2023
Complaint by Becky Glaton :

This worrying issue on the internet nowadays increases the need for being particularly cautious when it comes to recovering your lost money through cryptocurrency exchanges or any other means. There are methods that are generally thought to be fairly secure for recovering your lost cryptocurrency. Even seasoned Bitcoin traders and investors have lost or had cryptocurrency holdings stolen. Fortunately, there are approaches to regaining and recovering your Bitcoin through Lord Hacker Ultimate. Lord Hacker Ultimate uses effective techniques that make it simple for consumers to access lost data and money. You can be confident that this hacking company will provide the best possible service promptly and with no uncertainty. Send an email to Lord Hacker Ultimate, a hacking/recovery agency at, now at email: L.H.ULTIMATE@ FASTSERVICE.COM, No: +19095063423, website: Their YouTube Page @lordhackerultimate

Reported on: 9th, Sep. 2023
Complaint by antoneli jane :

I am one of the Victims. At first, the software seemed to be really professional and authentic but I realized that the software was swallowing all my investments. Brokers are nothing more than a dangerous and fraudulent platform. I invested over $66,000 and couldn't withdraw my money, months passed and still nothing. So, God so kind I followed a broadcast called Hi-Tech Recovery [ ] that teaches on how scammed victims can recover their funds. I contacted the email provided for consultation, to help me recover my funds, I have been able to recover $56,000 and the remaining $10,000 is in progress. I really can't tell how happy I am right now and I said I will not hold this to myself but share it to the public so that all scammed victims can get their help to recover all lost funds back, you can as well hire him today by Email Contact:

Reported on: 9th, Sep. 2023
Complaint by Jenner :

I know it's hard to believe, but there are ways to retrieve stolen bitcoins or send money to the wrong wallet address. Sadly, I know this because it happened to me recently. Someone took advantage of me, after months of them supposedly being a trustworthy friend, and tricked me into investing in a fake Bitcoin mining company. I was overwhelmed and helpless when these scammers took my whopping $116,000 from me. Luckily, I reached out to a recovery specialist named Hi-Tech Recovery [] and they were able to help me get my lost capital back. Despite their promises of initial profits, it was all a lie. Thanks to Hi-Tech Recovery, I was able to recover my money. If you find yourself in a similar situation, contact Hi-Tech Recovery They may be able to help you get your crypto back too. Here is his contact;

Reported on: 7th, Sep. 2023
Complaint by lugard :

My misplaced cash of roughly $80k were found and recovered. I had my trading money unloaded by a broker who for three months refused to give me access to my trading account, and I had no idea that I would be able to recover it. That I could get my money back without any hassle makes me quite happy. James Miller Bitcoin Recovery who earned a reputation as a licensed binary options recovery specialist, is a technician I would really like to thank. Your broker manager is recommending that you make further deposits before making a withdrawal if you have money in your account that you intend to take out. Please get in touch with James Miller ( Bitcoin Recovery using the information below if you are unsure how to proceed. In a matter of days, they will demonstrate to you the guild lines to recover your stolen funds. Email:

Reported on: 6th, Sep. 2023
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