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I will put a wallet address down below for you to hit me 670 $ in 3 days maximum through btc. Notice, it is not that huge of a sum to pay, guess this can make me not that bad of a man. You are welcome to complete what ever the **** you want to, however in case i will not see the total amount within the period of time stated above, clearly... you by now understand what may happen. Thus it's your choice right now. I am not gonna proceed through all the info and stuff, simply ain't got precious time for this and you most likely know that world-wide-web is filled with letters similar to this, so it is also your final choice to believe in this not really, there is certainly only one way to discover. The following is the bitcoin wallet address- 1PhDStttjH22ZKGmcijekDug4jRfvUVQf1

Reported on: 30th, Jun. 2020
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