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Complaint by Nic :

Complete fraud, very well composed fraud emails. They must have a new guy who can spell and use proper grammar. They are pieces of **** though!!!! IT IS A SCAM !! pshishing email. DO NOT CLICK THE LINKS IN THE EMAIL!!!!!! CALL YOUR BANK!!! I.E. CHASE. FORWARD TO THEM BUT AGAIN DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS IN THE EMAIL. CONSIDER CHANGING YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR ACCOUNT.

Reported on: 29th, Mar. 2022
Complaint by Shree Nuthati :

I received an email from at 5am. It's subject was "You received a new letter".The content was "We posted a new notice or letter in your Chase Mobile® app and at Here's what it's about You cannot use your account(s), and we will close it soon We encourage you to read the entire letter, because it contains specific information about your account. View your letter in two ways From Chase Mobile, go to your profile and choose "Statements and documents." At, just sign in to your account. You’ll see your letter under “Notices and letters”. To view or change your delivery settings, please sign in to Chase Mobile or Letters and notices sent may be from subsidiaries and/or affiliates of JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A." It looks so clean and authentic but after looking up the "" email on the internet, I'm guessing its a fraud. I generally receive alerts from "". So the only logical explanation is that this is phishing.

Reported on: 25th, Mar. 2022
Complaint by your :


Reported on: 2nd, Feb. 2022
Complaint by C. Sedore :

Very convincing. Reported to Don't use link. Reply All sends you to another email. Thanks for your order at Apple Inc. Money won't leave your account until you verify your order. Hello, Thanks for using Chase Online Payment. To see the full transaction details, log in to your Chase Account. Keep in mind, it may take a few moments for this transaction to appear. Transaction ID: O-8E727291A6305854U Transaction Date: 05/02/2021 05:08:07 pm Merchant: Apple Inc Instructions to merchant: No Instructions The final payment amount may change when the merchant completes the order. You don't recognize this transaction? You have 24 hours from the date of the transaction to cancel payment by clicking on the secure link below.

Reported on: 2nd, May. 2021
Complaint by mark :

It was a valid email. Links went to and information was accurate

Reported on: 25th, Mar. 2021
Complaint by Terri :

Here's the email content: --------- Dear Customer, We've locked your card due to unauthorized purchase attempts from a different device. For more information, open/download the attachment (activity.pdf) to reactivate your account. ---------- I don't have a card with Chase Bank. I did not open the attachment. The email has been forwarded to

Reported on: 17th, Feb. 2021
Complaint by Ash :

Called Chase. It is a scam

Reported on: 1st, Feb. 2021
Complaint by Shane :

Got a phishing email from Dear Chase OnlineSM Customer: We're writing to let you know that there are insufficient funds to complete recent activity for your deposit account ending in ----. To see a detailed notice about this situation, please log on to and go to the Account Activity page or the Account Notices page for this account. If you aren't enrolled to receive Paperless Statements and Notices or you think you've received this message in error, please call our Customer Support team immediately. To find the appropriate phone number for your account type, go to the Customer Center on Chase Online click the "Contact us" link. Please don't reply directly to this automatically-generated e-mail message. Sincerely, Online Banking Team

Reported on: 18th, Dec. 2020
Complaint by stephen p :

I used a chase teller number 18009353535whentheperson answered she asked if I was over 60 yrs old then asked for credit card my credit card number itold her I was over 60 yrs old then she said I wold receive a emergency alert system free no charge she said she neede to verify my anumber with my credit card number said at no time will I give out my credit card number she said that she or the chase bank willgive me a free rosd side assistance service no charge but ihad to verify my acc by giving her or chase my card number to get the service I hung up the number I called is 18009353535 is suppose to be a chase teller I don't think so please stop them before they scam lots of unspecting people ho can't survive in this pandemic anyway thanks concerned customer love your bank great service for years have a safe pandemic

Reported on: 30th, Apr. 2020
Complaint by C. B. :

Don't even have a Chase account

Reported on: 26th, Mar. 2020
Complaint by Anon :

Got a phishing email from Subject: "You have a new letter at" Body: "Dear Customer, We posted a new notice or letter to your "Statements & Documents" on Your account will close for inactivity unless you use it in the next 60 days We encourage you to read the entire letter, because it contains specific information about your account." I reported it to

Reported on: 8th, Feb. 2020
Complaint by Bob Dylan :

Same sender. Reported to "We've sent an important communication to your Secure Message Center, available on Chase Online or on the Chase Mobile app. The subject is: Please read the U.S. and California Consumer Privacy Notices You can sign in to review this communication in your Secure Message Center until 08/02/2018. Thank you for being a valued Chase customer."

Reported on: 7th, May. 2018
Complaint by Jed :

Looks like they have moved from Chase to Bank of America!

Reported on: 12th, Dec. 2017
Complaint by Sweorfan :

Typical fraud, phishing email, but better than any I’ve seen so far. Thank goodness for websites such as this one that helps people know emails are definitely fraudulent.

Reported on: 16th, Nov. 2017
Complaint by Lee :

Phishing scam. Forward emails from Chase that are fraudulent to

Reported on: 25th, Oct. 2017
Complaint by Linda :

yet another fake e-mail. i get fake e-mails all the time from various senders purportedly from Chase. drives me crazy. i will report this directly to Chase.

Reported on: 15th, Jan. 2017
Complaint by B. Rap :

phishing e-mail. looks very official, but i haven't had a chase account in years called chase (do not call any phone numbers in the e-mail or click any links in the e-mail. google the chase customer service phone number) and they told me to forward it to and then delete the e-mail.

Reported on: 28th, Jun. 2016
Complaint by Everyman :

Getting this email. They say its phishing

Reported on: 5th, Jun. 2016
Complaint by S. Hill :

chase fraud. went to my bank and they said it was not from them. they gave me the number to call to report it.

Reported on: 21st, Oct. 2015
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