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Complaint by خليل :


Reported on: 3rd, Oct. 2023
Complaint by Paula Gerald :

It a privilege and honor to acknowledge Pro Wizards Gilbert Recovery, for their time and dedication, they always put others first and consider others without demanding anything in return, am so glad I came across them at the right time, because I was almost given up in my business with their help and support my business came back and people from far and near always patronize me, my business is now the talk of town, without them I don’t think my business will have been when it is today am so grateful to them and happy that I came across them on time.Contact: prowizardgilbertrecovery(@) Page Site:

Reported on: 3rd, Oct. 2023
Complaint by Danny Gail :

Pro Wizard Gilbert Recovery, I will like to appreciate this organization, all the gratitude and appreciation goes to this organization,they are the best, I can’t appreciate them enough I don’t know how or where to start from, first of all I will like to say am so grateful and thankful for this organization for being part of my progress over the years they have help me to recover my $55, 000 worth of stolen cryptocurrency, this would not have been possible without their help and support, at first I didn’t believe they will be able to help me recover the money but later on I was astonished, and amazed on how they were able to help me recover my money without stress it was very easy for them help me to recover my money am super excited and grateful to them, for their help. using: prowizardgilbertrecovery(@) & Telegram username: @Pro_Wizard_Gilbert_Recovery.

Reported on: 1st, Oct. 2023
Complaint by Peter Prus :

Bitcoin is a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. However, it is important to use Bitcoin responsibly and to be aware of the risks involved. If you are new to Bitcoin, it is important to do your research and learn about the technology before you start using it. There are a number of resources available online and in libraries that can help you get started. You need the service of HI TECH recovery { } to assist you trade or regain your lost Bitcoin. Many people has lost a lot of bitcoin either to investment scam or it was stolen directly from their wallet. So for the reason that you have no control over your wallet or you need your bitcoin restored after been invested with a wrong broker, do contact HI TECH recovery right away so that the transaction can be traced and your bitcoin can be recovered in short time. HI TECH recovery is the reliable hacking group out here for a successful job like this. Contact: Telegram: @hitechrecovery

Reported on: 27th, Sep. 2023
Complaint by Wayne Julie :

I would love to extend my gratitude and appreciation to Pro Wizard Gilbert Recovery for helping me recover my money back $85,000, worth of stolen cryptocurrency, at first I was not sure they will be able to help me out, they I was surprised after they help out and recover my money back, they are the best and am very grateful to them for helping me recover my money. their help Contact: prowizardgilbertrecovery(@) Page Site:

Reported on: 26th, Sep. 2023
Complaint by Lawrence Gloria :

To recover your Bitcoin, you will need your 24-word recovery phrase. This is a unique string of words that you generated when you first created your Bitcoin wallet. It is important to keep your recovery phrase in a safe place, as it is the only way to recover your Bitcoin if you lose your wallet or forget your password. To recover your Bitcoin using your recovery phrase, you will need to obtain a Bitcoin recovery from a reputable source like Pro Wizard Gilbert Recovery.Once they have installed the wallet, follow the instructions to restore your wallet from your recovery source. Pro Wizard Gilbert Recovery is a reliable source you can contact anytime to assist you get back your lost or stolen Bitcoin. Pro Wizard Gilbert Recovery can be contacted through: prowizardgilbertrecovery(@) & Telegram username: @Pro_Wizard_Gilbert_Recovery

Reported on: 26th, Sep. 2023
Complaint by Luda Key :

I will always recommend Mr. James and his team anytime, anywhere when it comes to Cryptocurrency recovery of any type, He saved me from a horrible mistake, I was manipulated in to investing 23.6 BTC on a fraudulent Investment company little did I know that I was being fooled and scammed online even after I made some reports to my banks and the cops but they could not help out, only then I got a connection with jamesmckaywizard, he came to my aid he helped me to recover all my money back from the Scam company and he gave me maximum online security that blocked all scammers and unverified companies from contacting me again. Why not Contact Mr. James/his team and explain your situation to him Via Email: or WhatsApp: +918798906778…

Reported on: 24th, Sep. 2023
Complaint by Kathleen Larry :

Thank you, Pro Wizard Gilbert Recovery. I'm writing to thank you sincerely for helping me find my stolen Bitcoin. I was horrified to learn that my Bitcoin had been taken, and I had no idea what to do. However, I am so happy that I came across you. Your crew was knowledgeable, effective, and patient. They answered all of my concerns and gave me a thorough explanation of the rehabilitation process. They also kept me informed of their development each step of the way. I'm overjoyed to let you know that you were successful in recovering my Bitcoin. Thank you so much for your assistance. To anyone who has misplaced or had their Bitcoin stolen, I would strongly advise using Pro Wizard Gilbert Recovery on: prowizardgilbertrecovery(@) or visit their website

Reported on: 23rd, Sep. 2023
Complaint by Dominic Jack :

HOW I WAS SCAMMED BY A FAKE CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTMENT PLATFORM WHO SWINDLED $495,000 OUT OF MY RETIREMENT SAVINGS “I invested with a Crypto broker without proper research to know what I was hoarding my hard-earned money into, only to find out it was a hoax and sham. I invested over $495,000 USD estimated to be 7.3 BTC. I was unable to make any withdrawals out of my initial deposits let alone the gains he claimed I have earned even after meeting the bogus fees and charges he is always requesting. Fortunately, I got to know about a Wizard that is well know WIZARD BRIXTON GROUP OF HACKER and the are best tech skills in Bitcoin recovery programmers through research and positive reviews i saw on Google. After a couple of hours i consulting with them via WhatsApp: +44 7383450230 ,Email: within the next 24hours all my funds were recovered including my profits. I can’t thank these guys enough for making me not another prey to these scammers. Thank you WIZARD BRIXTON GROUP OF HACKER. Consult them via: Email: Wizardbrixton at gmail dot com Telegram : WhatsApp : +44 7383450230

Reported on: 23rd, Sep. 2023
Complaint by Rosa Dankert :

SPYWEB IS THE BEST BITCOIN AND CRYPTO RECOVERY COMPANY. It was such a huge relief when I was able to recover our cryptocurrency funds with the help of Spyweb Cyber recovery company, my husband and I had invested in a fake crypto investment platform that coined us $137,000 a few months back. I came to know about Spyweb Cyber through the help of my colleague at work who had benefited from the service of Spyweb Cyber. I’m truly grateful there is such a wonderful team who is out there helping cryptocurrency scam victims to recover their money. If you are ever in need of their services, you can easily reach them via E-mail: E-mail: Spyweb@ Cyberdude. Com Truly amazing service!

Reported on: 23rd, Sep. 2023
Complaint by Joyce Anthony :

When I discovered that my Bitcoin had been taken, I was ecstatic. I had devoted a lot of effort to saving for it, but it was all gone. I was at a loss for what to do. When I started my online inquiry, Pro Wizard Gilbert Recovery was there. All of the reviews I read were favorable. I made the decision to test them. Pro Wizard Gilbert Recovery was incredibly helpful when I contacted them. They gave me a thorough breakdown of the recuperation procedure and were on hand to warn me if I encountered any additional emergencies. I'm overjoyed to say that Pro Wizard Gilbert Recovery was able to successfully retrieve my whole stolen Bitcoin balance of $75,000. Thank you so much for the help you provided. For assistance, contact Pro Wizard Gilbert Recovery using the information: prowizardgilbertrecovery”@“

Reported on: 21st, Sep. 2023
Complaint by Melissa Sanders :

I never believed I could recover all my funds back to my wallet, my colleague introduced a professional hacker to me ADRAIN LAMO HACKER AGENCY, and this hacker recovered the $766,000 that was stolen from me by these online scammers. ADRIAN LAMO HACKER AGENCY recovered all my funds within 24 hours. If you’re a victim I do advise you to consult These professional hacker via email:

Reported on: 18th, Sep. 2023
Complaint by Betty Frank :

I lost all of my savings investing in cryptocurrencies, which completely shocked me. I never thought it would turn out to be a fraud and that I would lose everything. Before I realised I had been duped, it had been going on for weeks. Fortunately for me, I came across a post on a bulletin about Pro Wizard Gilbert Recovery just when all hope had vanished and I was about to go bankrupt. The speed with which they located the fraudsters and retrieved my cryptocurrency funds astounded me. They provided excellent service, and I heartily thank them for it. I suggest anyone who wants to immediately recover monies to contact them. You should reach out to them by: using: prowizardgilbertrecovery(@) & Telegram username: @Pro_Wizard_Gilbert_Recovery

Reported on: 14th, Sep. 2023
Complaint by Clear Hinton :

CAN YOU RECOVER STOLEN OR STRANDED BITCOIN FROM CRYPTO SCAMS? My Name is Clear Hinton Form The FRONT DESK of BINARY OPTIONS SERVICE and Other TROUBLESHOOT. one of the best Hacking Group know as D-HACKER around for more 15years, and we are still very strong in the Hacking World🌎 The answer to your Question is YES you can, almost 57% of crypto holders has fall a Victim to scammers one way or the other. Cryptocurrency is not exactly a newfangled contraction; the idea of a decentralized digital asset was coined in the late 80’s by david chaum, but cryptocurrency fraud is one of the looming dangers of this new digital opportunity. Here’s how you can make sure you don’t fall for it. As a rule of thumb, you should never accept crypto trading with companies or startups that are not blockchain-powered, at it is more secured but the legit hacker still knows there way around it when come to recovery, still is the most secured. Before committing yourself to a company or another, you may want to review their credentials look for status quo indicators such as adherence to initial coin offerings rules and digital currency liquidity. If you’ve encountered a crypto, binary/forex broker or romance scam situation, you have nothing to worry i understand this because am an experienced hacker i perfectly know the areas and my way around it. That is why you must not be carried away; paid attention to the details. If looking for reliable recovery company that will get you out of your dilemma. D-Hackers Recovery Solutions and Service Group, always at your service when you come seeking for any sort of Hacking help. We will surely get your lost Bitcoin back to you. All you need do is to get your scammed details right, within 14 working days Recovery is Guaranteed 98.9%. Please note it is very important, do not give out your Scam details to any hacker unless you are ready to RECOVER it, i always recommend to hold on to your details till when you are ready for it. You can also hit us on. ⏩Credit Score. ⏩Wipping of Criminal Record ⏩Web-Data Retrieved/delete ⏩University Result Upgrades ⏩Loans then wipe. ⏩Blank ATM Card ⏩Social Media Hack ⏩Private Key Reset etc. We give 98.9% Guaranty, simply email: Border us with your join and allow us give you the best with our Hacking skills

Reported on: 12th, Sep. 2023
Complaint by John :

My life savings were destroyed when my cryptocurrency investment fell into the wrong hands, causing me to lose everything. $110,000 worth of BTC were stolen from me. Hearing that it couldn't be located or recovered nearly made me give up on life. Wizard Retrive Agency is a trusted application that enables customers to quickly recover all of their lost funds. I collaborated with Wizard Retrive Agency, and they were successful in getting back the cash that was stolen from me. I have to tell everyone who might be in need of this information about it. We can all rely on Wizard Retrive Agency when it comes to BTC recovery. Contact a customer service person by using: (Email)

Reported on: 12th, Sep. 2023
Complaint by KYLIE :

BEST ONLINE SPELL CASTER ( DR MARIAN is none to be compared in regards to having solutions to your relationship or marital problems. My name is Laura. I have been battling with depression for a very long time knowing it's as a result of heartbreak when my boyfriend left me for another lady. I never knew he took the decision to be gone from me until months passed and I was unable to reach him. I had to contact DR MARIAN when I heard about how she has helped lots of people having relationship issues and also how FAST AND EFFECTIVE her spells are. She told me all that was needed to be done to restore the love and connections between me and my man which she did. The result started manifesting after 48 hours as she promised. This may sound weird but it is 100% true that she does not fail anyone. if you are also having relationship issues, Worry no more and contact her now via:

Reported on: 11th, Sep. 2023
Complaint by Theresa Peter :

My BTC wallet and all the funds I had in it were once hacked by an unidentified person after I disregarded a BTC security code I had received on my phone. The fact that I couldn't access my funds or my BTC wallet during that time was frustrating for me. I needed to get in touch with Pro Wizard Gilbert Recovery for advice, and I followed all of their directions as I had read about their excellent job on Bitcoin recovery. I was able to take control of my wallet and BTC once more after three working days had passed. We are grateful for Pro Wizard Gilbert Recovery's outstanding work. Therefore, everyone should email Pro Wizard Gilbert Recovery for bitcoin users to request reliable remedies: Contact: prowizardgilbertrecovery(@) and learn more about them via website

Reported on: 10th, Sep. 2023
Complaint by Becky Glaton :

This worrying issue on the internet nowadays increases the need for being particularly cautious when it comes to recovering your lost money through cryptocurrency exchanges or any other means. There are methods that are generally thought to be fairly secure for recovering your lost cryptocurrency. Even seasoned Bitcoin traders and investors have lost or had cryptocurrency holdings stolen. Fortunately, there are approaches to regaining and recovering your Bitcoin through Lord Hacker Ultimate. Lord Hacker Ultimate uses effective techniques that make it simple for consumers to access lost data and money. You can be confident that this hacking company will provide the best possible service promptly and with no uncertainty. Send an email to Lord Hacker Ultimate, a hacking/recovery agency at, now at email: L.H.ULTIMATE@ FASTSERVICE.COM, No: +19095063423, website: Their YouTube Page @lordhackerultimate

Reported on: 9th, Sep. 2023
Complaint by Join wick :

My life savings were destroyed when my cryptocurrency investment fell into the wrong hands, causing me to lose everything. $110,000 worth of BTC were stolen from me. Hearing that it couldn't be located or recovered nearly made me give up on life. Wizard Retrive Agency is a trusted application that enables customers to quickly recover all of their lost funds. I collaborated with Wizard Retrive Agency, and they were successful in getting back the cash that was stolen from me. I have to tell everyone who might be in need of this information about it. We can all rely on Wizard Retrive Agency when it comes to BTC recovery. Contact a customer service person by using: (Email)

Reported on: 8th, Sep. 2023
Complaint by Yarah Mama :

Contacting daniel meuli recovery will allow you to quickly locate lost bitcoin. You must contact daniel meuli recovery if you require a recovery hub for your lost bitcoin, need assistance with a mistyped password, want to move cryptocurrency to the correct wallet address, or think your wallet has been exploited. I played a bitcoin win game and lost more than $75,000. Thanks to daniel meuli Recovery's excellent effort, the money I unlawfully lost has been restored.This hacker collective uses cutting-edge computer tools that can quickly recover monies. daniel meuli Recovery is a reliable company that can be reached by using: or via whatsapp +1 (323) 433-3594

Reported on: 8th, Sep. 2023
Complaint by Bruno :

I have at last located a trustworthy cyber expert who deals with lost bitcoin troubles. I had lost so much money trading in bitcoin on a platform I had no notion was a criminal activity. I made investments and lost a staggering total of $480,000, and after a short while, I was unable to access anything. Finding someone who could help me was quite difficult. Fortunately, Adrian Lamo Wizard hacker was recommended to me, and after a few days of working with this specialized hacking team, my lost invested bitcoins were returned to me without any difficulty. Adrian Lamo Wizard hacker had shown me a ton of testimonials about the previous recoveries that they had made for numerous people. For this reason, I made the decision to share it with everyone so that they can avoid falling into the wrong hands. However, even if you have already fallen victim to a Bitcoin investment scam, Adrian Lamo Wizard hacker can and will assist you in regaining your stolen funds. They are proficient in what they do. I'm delighted we have a computer expert of this caliber. Adrian Lamo Wizard hacker can be reached through: Email: or WhatsApp: +31647921391 & Telegram: +31647921391

Reported on: 1st, Sep. 2023
Complaint by Barbara Walter :

Fixing my credit with the help of H A C K M A V E N S CREDIT SPECIALIST was the best thing that has happened to me this year, it was fast and easy. At first, I thought it to be a scam, but they proved me wrong by shooting up my F I C O score from 553 to 785, cleared all outstanding debt worth $25,000 and cleared derogatory, repossessions, and collections from my credit profile in less than 8 working days. All I did was contact them through the contact details I got from other good reviews about them online EMAIL: H A C K M A V E N S 5 @ G M A I L. C O M or Call/Text/WhatsApp: [+ 1 (2 0 9) 4 1 7 – 1 9 5 7]. Thank you!!

Reported on: 23rd, Aug. 2023
Complaint by Roman :

GET ADVICE FROM A LICENSED BTC RECOVERY SPECIALIST - ALPHA KEY RECOVERY My ether and bitcoins, worth a combined $151,599, were stolen by crooks, who brought me to ALPHA KEY. Despite the unpleasant circumstances, I greatly appreciate ALPHA KEY RECOVERY's assistance in intervening and saving everything I lost. When I realized it was all a hoax and I had lost all of my money a few months ago, I was investing in cryptocurrency. My child's close buddy, who has been using them for more than a year, told me about ALPHA KEY RECOVERY. A group of hackers with extraordinary talent, they are. Think about contacting ALPHA KEY CONTACT WHATSAPP:+12179740043 Website:

Reported on: 21st, Aug. 2023
Complaint by Powely :

ALPHA KEY CRYPTO RECOVERY I'm thrilled to mention ALPHA KEY because they helped me recover the stolen cryptocurrency and digital currency I had. They operate a cyber security company. I am astonished by their excellent work and professional service. I never thought I'd be able to get my money back before I went to ALPHA KEY with all the required documents and my problems. It shocked me that it took them 72 hours to get my money back. Without a doubt, ALPHA KEY is the finest answer to all of your problems with cybersecurity, hacking, recovering digital funds, and related issues. If you want your money refunded, I implore you to immediately contact Alpha Key and find a solution. is the company's email address.  What'sApp: +12179740043

Reported on: 19th, Aug. 2023
Complaint by Diego :

When it comes to Lost Crypto Recovery Services, ALPHA KEY RECOVERY continues to be your finest option. I lost $78,000 in my trading and investment strategy due to a bitcoin trade and investment scam I found on Telegram. I initially contributed £29,000, but as I watched the earnings mount, I continued to invest more money and eventually fell victim to fraud. I started to have my withdrawals rejected after I tried them and the scheme informed me that Brexit was to blame. This made me skeptical. Without assistance, I made the reports to my bank and Telegram. Fortunately, I came across a bitcoin site where I observed a widow lady explaining how she used ALPHA KEY RECOVERY to reclaim her husband's retirement assets from con artists. I provided the expert with my case.ALPHA KEY RECOVERY was able to recover my lost cryptocurrency within 4days ,get their assitance you need to recover your scammed bitcoin cryptocurrency today by contacting ALPHA KEY RECOVERY Email: Text & Call or What'sApp: +12179740043 Website:

Reported on: 18th, Aug. 2023
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