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Complaint by Anonymous :


Reported on: 10th, Sep. 2020
Complaint by taha ababou :

il a pirater mon compt

Reported on: 2nd, May. 2020
Complaint by Anonymous :


Reported on: 25th, Apr. 2020
Complaint by دعاء :

مرحبه فريق فيسبوك ارجو منكم اغلاق هذه الصفحه لنها تحث على الكراهيه والعنف ومتاجره المخدرات وهذا الشيء يأثر عله حياتي وحيات عائلتي ارجو منكم اغلاق هذه الصفحه. رابط الصفحه

Reported on: 18th, Apr. 2020
Complaint by Nappa tahrr :

تهكير حسابي

Reported on: 10th, Apr. 2020
Complaint by Mohamad :

تهكير حسابي يرجى اغلاق هذا الايميل واي شي مفعل على الموقع

Reported on: 6th, Apr. 2020
Complaint by QUA Ya :


Reported on: 28th, Mar. 2020
Complaint by محمد صلاح :


Reported on: 25th, Mar. 2020
Complaint by irfan :

sir plz give me full address h*********** my email

Reported on: 11th, Mar. 2020
Complaint by irfan :

sir plz give me full address my email

Reported on: 11th, Mar. 2020
Complaint by h******* :

فقد حسابي ارجو ان تساعدون في استرجاعه

Reported on: 6th, Feb. 2020
Complaint by Anonymous :


Reported on: 23rd, Jan. 2020
Complaint by M Huzaifa amir :

Please tell us the email address

Reported on: 22nd, Jan. 2020
Complaint by atiq :

dear sir this man hack my facebook id and chnage my id name and paswords so kindly give me my pasword and my id

Reported on: 21st, Jan. 2020
Complaint by Ms Khin :

My Facebook account can't open and changed email address also

Reported on: 30th, Dec. 2019
Complaint by Haneen :


Reported on: 21st, Dec. 2019
Complaint by Hussein :

انت لا تم مشاهدتها

Reported on: 16th, Dec. 2019
Complaint by Hsetlaing :


Reported on: 25th, Nov. 2019
Complaint by Asim ashfaq :

Hacked my account

Reported on: 7th, Mar. 2018
Complaint by Xafar :

Recovery gmail and password

Reported on: 31st, Dec. 2017
Complaint by austin peckham :

need full email for h*************

Reported on: 11th, Jul. 2017
Complaint by hamad :

iwhand emailid

Reported on: 27th, May. 2017
Complaint by Swmya :

Passward instagram @swmaya_qwz_task

Reported on: 17th, May. 2017
Complaint by afser_roya :


Reported on: 14th, Apr. 2017
Complaint by loving girl :

my account is hacked

Reported on: 24th, Mar. 2017
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