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Complaint by afnane :

je oublie le mod de pass sur instagram

Reported on: 2nd, Dec. 2019
Complaint by Christine :

My mom has been hacked by the devnull bug worm black hole thing. My mom has created several fb accounts and it still seems to chase her. Now I have one of her accounts by her real name and I have created a email going to see what they do about it. Unfortunately, she had looked found out the hard way that facebook doesn’t have a real phone number. She basically got scammed by a no account fraud of a person that sounded like an a Indian/Hindu that said they where from Ireland.the only thing they wanted was iTune cards. We called apple and went to AT&T and was they can’t help cause it not there app. So, she has gotten scared and went to life lock. She told them about it and they told her they can’t help. I’m hoping somebody will some answers somewheres. Please!!

Reported on: 5th, Feb. 2018
Complaint by abood :

Reported on: 25th, Dec. 2017
Complaint by Johnny Browning :

I'm having same trouble. Who is this devnull character and how do I get him off my Facebook page

Reported on: 25th, Dec. 2017
Complaint by sohil deraiya :

Meri insta I'd aapke email see link ho gayi hai mere facebook se fir se connect Kar do na

Reported on: 20th, Dec. 2017
Complaint by s_h_l_78 :

My insta I'd is your email to linked

Reported on: 20th, Dec. 2017
Complaint by laura :

I have this email address somehow on 3 different websites instagram, Facebook, track view what do I do?

Reported on: 14th, Nov. 2017
Complaint by :

Sir my instagram hacked. I forgot my password.Email facebook and mobile number not linked His.

Reported on: 28th, Oct. 2017
Complaint by Ryan McGregor :

I went to go sign up for instagram and this email was already in there.

Reported on: 13th, Aug. 2017
Complaint by Rahul :


Reported on: 28th, Apr. 2017
Complaint by Lourdes :

My facebook id: Princes Kaguya have a phone number that is not valid anymore. The identity recovery is to access the phone in my facebook id i dont have this phone anymore. I send a valid photo id /picture to verify myself. it happened this before im not gonna be quite this time i will report if i have too i could follow trump in twitter to tweet about the facebook that this website has a dedamation plug in and vulnirable to hackers is not safe peoples life is in danger....

Reported on: 18th, Mar. 2017
Complaint by Jayne Dainter :

This hacker accessed my Facebook account, stole my personal photographs. Changed all my details therefore I was locked out of my own Facebook account. He had then set up another account under the name Jane Devey where he was setting up scams. I've had to close all my accounts and even my email address I use now is in a different name, due to the fact my email address that was in my real name was also hacked by this scammer. Apparently he has quite a name for himself, why he is being allowed to continue is beyond me.

Reported on: 6th, Aug. 2016
Complaint by Pam Howe :

this is an email address that hacked my Facebook account.

Reported on: 5th, Jun. 2016
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