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Complaint by Tyrone Abbott :

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Reported on: 12th, Dec. 2020
Complaint by Clarkson Coleman :

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Reported on: 5th, Dec. 2020
Complaint by Bethany :

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Reported on: 3rd, Dec. 2020
Complaint by Isla James :

Due to the ubiquitous nature of binary and monetary scams and the damage they inflict on consumers, several developing countries have banned binary trading through retail investors. Permanently renewed In addition, Google and Facebook have stopped accepting classified ads similar to binary sites. These actions, as welcome as they were, simply encouraged many traders of fake binary sites to rename them as online Forex brokers and even personal banking companies. Our duty is to help you obtain your cash back techniques that we have mastered over the years with the help of experienced professionals to assist you. Check Out File a report.

Reported on: 29th, Nov. 2020
Complaint by James :

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Reported on: 24th, Nov. 2020
Complaint by Deborah Mandy Fox :

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Reported on: 16th, Nov. 2020
Complaint by Jasmin :

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Reported on: 16th, Nov. 2020
Complaint by Williams Hollis :

This is not a game its for real. Please don’t throw your money away chasing scammers. Contact Trust Hacker trusthacker830 at gmail dot com, WhatsApp: +1-226-781-3416..His services; Clearing criminal records without leaving traces, Bank hack/Funds transfer,website hack facebook hack , WhatsApp hack, cloning phones Changing school grades, credit score hack and so many other services. You can thank me later.

Reported on: 14th, Nov. 2020
Complaint by Michael Rey :

*Do you want to find out if your husband/wife/spouse is cheating on you? *Do you want to hack your university/college database to change your grade or do you want to get examination questions before the examination day? *Do you want to root/hack/sync your mobile phones? *Do you want to have unrestricted access to your spouse’s /friends social media ( whatsapp, facebook, twitter, viber, BBM, e-mails? *Do you want to recover deleted messages by your spouse? *Do you want to clear police/criminal records? acephanthom . COM is the website to check, go to their contact page to get in touch via email.

Reported on: 17th, Oct. 2020
Complaint by Joseph :

Greetings.... Check out these Credit Cards today. My name is Joseph Eric from Queensland. A successful business owner and father. I got one of these already programmed Credit cards that allows me to withdraw a maximum of €7,500 daily for 30 days. I am so happy about these cards because I received mine last week and have already used it to get €45,000. Mr Frank Carlos of Email:  is giving out these cards to support people in any kind of financial problem. I must be sincere to you, when i saw the advert, I believed it to be illegal and a hoax but when I contacted Mr Frank Carlos, he confirmed to me that although it is illegal, nobody gets caught while using these cards because they have been programmed to disable every communication once inserted into any Automated Teller Machine(ATM). If interested contact him as soon as possible Email: WhatsApp: +1-781-656-7138.

Reported on: 15th, Oct. 2020
Complaint by Sarah :

My wife blocked me on her whats-app so i don't get to see all her whats-app status and other activities. That is why i said in my next world i will still be in search of WhitehatstechATgmailDOTcom this hacker was so smart to help me get access into my wife phone from my phone and i was able to see all that she has been hiding all along, also her status and her whatsapp messages were all about her ex meaning my wife is cheating on me with her ex.

Reported on: 15th, Oct. 2020
Complaint by marcus kharllude :

Hello. I came across a very good Hacker Kelvin Mitnick. They have helped with a lot of issues like Phone Hack, Account Hack, Clear Debts, Grade upgrade, Criminal Records help E.t.c. They saved my life. you can contact via email: kevinmitnick773 (at) gmail dot com Text/Whatsapp: +1 8634559148

Reported on: 13th, Oct. 2020
Complaint by Cellule Anti-cybercriminalite :

Pour remédier aux préjudices financiers subis sur internet, l'Organisme International de Répression Contre la Cybercriminalité (OIRCC) et la Brigade d'enquêtes sur les fraudes aux technologies de l’information (BEFTI) créés par les pouvoirs publics et en collaboration par Interpol mondial sont à la disposition de toute personne victime de toutes formes d'escroquerie sur internet. Contactez-nous directement à l'adresse suivante: / Votre plainte sera immédiatement prise en compte par nos experts et une procédure sera mise en œuvre de l'arrestation jusqu'au remboursement de la somme arnaquée y compris le dédommagement dans certains cas.

Reported on: 5th, Oct. 2020
Complaint by Mills Dachin :

Are you a victim to Scammers and you will love to recover your lost funds back. CONGRATULATIONS in advance as you contact M&D GROUP OF HACKER (A.K.A) SCAM HUNTER for positive result. For BINARY RECOVERY and to spy on your spouse. please Email:- and we can also be of help with((University Grades. Loan. Wiping Criminal Records. Credit Cards Score. Blank ATM Card. iClouds Breaching. YouTube and Phone Hacking)) over the years we have stand as BackUp for individuals Organization to secure & to recover there lost Files/Password/Bitcoin and funds etc. REMEMBER YOUR HAPPINESS IS OUR PRIDE

Reported on: 25th, Sep. 2020
Complaint by Mills Dachin :

Are you having difficulty in Access your bitcoin Wallet or fall a Victim to a Scammers due to some reason or the other. You can kneel on us M&D group of hackers Team For positive Result & Retrieve back your lost fund with %110 Assured. and we can also be of help with University Grades. Loans. Wiping Criminal Records. iClouds Breaching YouTube and Phones Hacking!! For years we have stand as backup for Individuals Organization to Secure and to Recover there lost Files/Password/ Bitcoin and funds etc. Just contact any of our Email and TESTIFIED:-‬ ‪ REMEMBER YOUR HAPPINESS IS OUR PRIDE

Reported on: 2nd, Sep. 2020
Complaint by Benny :

Seeing is believing they say, I knew something was wrong but I couldn't find my way around it. A friend introduced me WhitehatstechATgmailDOTcom, who without physical access to my spouse's phone got full access to all texts, calls, facebook, whatsapp and other social media. I find out my spouse was cheating with someone he met from a secret dating app on the phone(Seeking Arrangements) I'm working on filing for a divorce right now so sad about but it’s only right. You can contact him if you have similar problems

Reported on: 1st, Sep. 2020
Complaint by Mills Dachin :

Bitcoin is the future world currency and businesses, many has fall a victim to scammer’s while some can't even access there bitcoin Wallet due to some reason or the other, good news with Mills Dachin Quality jobs Delivery Assured when it come to Hacking!! We have help Individuals Organization to Secure and to Recover there lost files/Password/funds and phone hacking etc. We Are Hacker 4Hire.‬ ‪Email:-‬ ‪

Reported on: 1st, Aug. 2020
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