How to Look Up Physical Address Location From Ip Address

To make a long story short, you cannot get the exact postal address of an IP address. This means that you can only track the IP address down to it's city location

Virtually all of the IP lookup sites use the same RIPE database to provide you with the geolocation tracking** (enter the IP on top right of this page to see the geolocation). If you come across a web-site which tells you they can give you an actual address they are most probably a scam.

How Does Law Enforcement Do It?

If the IP address is making death threats against you or your family you can engage the authorities. They can in turn subpoena the ISP (internet service provider) of the person making the threats and demand the exact location of the person's computer. This is often used to track down predators and scam artists as well as hackers.

One important thing to mention is that scammers often use Proxy IPs. This means that they are able to hide behind another person's IP address, so even if you think you have the person's IP it may be someone else.

In Conclusion

You should continue reporting IPs to sites such as because you never know if someone is going to post additional useful information about that IP. You will also be warning others of potential dangers associated with the address.

As an alternative you may consider tracking a person email, which may provide more useful information.