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Reported on: 19th, Nov. 2011
Complaint by klvcnvbn :

Reported on: 19th, Nov. 2011
Complaint by admin :


Reported on: 7th, Dec. 2011
Complaint by ahmef4 :


Reported on: 17th, Dec. 2011
Complaint by elmar-glaubitz :

the ID is hackt my facebook System

Reported on: 12th, Jan. 2012
Complaint by adrian :


Reported on: 20th, Feb. 2012
Complaint by زهرا معظمی گودرزی :


Reported on: 22nd, Feb. 2012
Complaint by :

ip crosssed

Reported on: 12th, May. 2012
Complaint by abuja :

this is the second time this person has attempted to hack my facebook acount. WHY?!?!?!?!?!?

Reported on: 25th, May. 2012
Complaint by 王礼宾 :


Reported on: 23rd, Jun. 2012
Complaint by wz730517 :


Reported on: 12th, Jul. 2012
Complaint by Mikael :

stolen mobile

Reported on: 13th, Jul. 2012
Complaint by Amir : Spammers email

Reported on: 18th, Jul. 2012
Complaint by admin :


Reported on: 27th, Aug. 2012
Complaint by v1260008 :


Reported on: 12th, Oct. 2012
Complaint by alla.iva :


Reported on: 14th, Oct. 2012
Complaint by mustafaimamoğlu :

giriş yapamadım IP nusundan

Reported on: 10th, Nov. 2012
Complaint by 18806437884 :


Reported on: 31st, Jan. 2013
Complaint by massi :

je veux apprendre

Reported on: 18th, Feb. 2013
Complaint by Leonidl :

любю в жопу ебаться

Reported on: 20th, Apr. 2013
Complaint by lookin :

I am want Lan guage thai

Reported on: 30th, Jun. 2013
Complaint by mohammed :


Reported on: 6th, Aug. 2013
Complaint by admin :


Reported on: 12th, Aug. 2013
Complaint by farhad :

Adres jadid manoto plz

Reported on: 15th, Sep. 2013
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Estoy buscando cartas que e borado el dia 15.01.2014.

Reported on: 19th, Jan. 2014
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