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Watch the video below which contains the exact steps to perform in order to view hotmail headers. If you want still screenshots which depict how to view headers in hotmail read the instructions below the video.

Below is step-by-step visual tutorial that explains how to view full headers in hotmail.

Step 1: Login to your hotmail account. You will be brought to the main page that contains a list of your emails. Open up the email message for which you want to check the email headers.
view headers in hotmail slide 1

Step 2: On top right side you will notice the 'reply' button. Click on it and select "View Message Source". At that point a window will open up which will contain the full email headers from hotmail
view headers in hotmail slide 2

If you want to analyze the header (for example to determine the location of the sender). Go to email trace page and paste the header information. You will get all the information that a person can get by analyzing the email headers. If you feel like that information is not enough you should use the email tracking option (it's also found on the same page, below the header analyzer). It is a more powerful alternative to tracking emails. It allows people to retreive information such as the full name of the person who sent the email as well as the address and other available details.

These are powerful tools and we ask you to please use them in good faith.