IP: United States Location: Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States
Eden Prairie
United States
Postal Code:
NetRange: -
NetHandle: NET-174-48-0-0-1
Parent: NET174 (NET-174-0-0-0-0)
NetType: Direct Allocation
OriginAS: AS7922
Organization: Comcast Cable Communications, LLC (CCCS)
RegDate: 2008-11-18
Updated: 2016-08-31
Ref: https://rdap.arin.net/registry/ip/

OrgName: Comcast Cable Communications, LLC
Address: 1800 Bishops Gate Blvd
City: Mt Laurel
StateProv: NJ
PostalCode: 08054
Country: US
RegDate: 2001-09-17
Updated: 2017-01-28
Ref: https://rdap.arin.net/registry/entity/CCCS

OrgAbuseHandle: NAPO-ARIN
OrgAbuseName: Network Abuse and Policy Observance
OrgAbusePhone: +1-888-565-4329
OrgAbuseEmail: abuse@comcast.net
OrgAbuseRef: https://rdap.arin.net/registry/entity/NAPO-ARIN

OrgTechHandle: IC161-ARIN
OrgTechName: Comcast Cable Communications Inc
OrgTechPhone: +1-856-317-7200
OrgTechEmail: CNIPEO-Ip-registration@cable.comcast.com
OrgTechRef: https://rdap.arin.net/registry/entity/IC161-ARIN
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Most recent complaints on
Complaint by Brad Marlen : Belongs to Barry C. Neal. His address is 9317 Toledo Ave, Bloomington MN. People have complained that while he stays in a Political chat room, he also uses a laptop using a different screen name and hunts younger kids on the Net. PLease beware ! He lives close to a park.

Reported on: 6th, Dec. 2012
Complaint by Alice Williams :

I too want to warn parents of my experiences with Barry Neal. My Husband and I asked him to leave the park adter filimg our two kids. he came back, and we called Police. The Police said they warned Neal not to go within 1000\' of the park, or face arrest.

Reported on: 23rd, Feb. 2013
Complaint by Karen Krebaum :

I was walking my dog near the park. I walked near Neal's car, and saw him masturbating while watching kids play. I called the cops from my cell, but Neal left quickly. This is one sick man.

Reported on: 23rd, Feb. 2013
Complaint by Carla Harkin :

My question and complaint is WHY IS HE A PRESIDENT OF THE MYSA? Minnesota Youth Soccer *** then! If this is a perv

Reported on: 23rd, Jul. 2013
Complaint by Rich Simmons :

Reported on: 5th, Sep. 2013
Complaint by Michael Smith :

While the above post is clearly libelous fiction, Barry Neal does exhibit stalking tendencies. He frequents the AOL chatroom, "Politics - Democrats." When angered at a chatter, he uses their IP number and other information to search public records. Then, as a form of harassment, he posts that info in the chatroom for others to read. This can include information about employment, marriages, children, personal phone numbers, and financial records such as liens. He's even emailed chatters with vague threats, such as, "Don't make me mad. I know where you live." I'd suggest giving him a wide berth.

Reported on: 4th, Oct. 2013
Complaint by Robert Shaw :

These comments are malicious - and likely as not libelous - in their content, since they contain no proof. AOL chatters such as StellahLoo@aol.com and CNn981@aol.com have perpetrated these lies about others out of sheer frustration. You can find these two losers in the AOL chat room "Democrats - Politics."

Reported on: 19th, Mar. 2014
Complaint by Barry NeaI :

Let me set the record straight. Yes, I have done things I regret. I have called Mike Smith, a *** chatter, and yelled into the phone telling him that he is ( was ) a \" Nancy boi. \" I threatened to show up at his house. I encouraged other to make screen names to harass him too. Such as JoyesstGayump. I have even posted my Son\'s info like a dope: BeIaRuIzDemz: Rock...my oldest son in reinsurance...Willis RE. There are other problems too: Judgment Details... Debtor(s) NEAL, VICKI L.....Orig. Amount: $1,384.38. Barry Neal ...ennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downto...ATTEMPTED SIMPLE ROBBERY...USE NAME DOB OF ANOTHER-AS A GROSS MISD......Assault-2nd Degree-Dangerous Weapon.....Terroristic Threats-Reckless Disregard ....Assault. So bear with me as I take a stab at getting help. Your friend, Barry C. Neal My \"wife.\" Click here: Vicki Neal | LinkedIn

Reported on: 17th, May. 2014
Complaint by Teresa Dingle :

This person lied in his post: Complaint by Robert Shaw. Neal has real problems. If you don't think Barry Neal needs professional help and medication, just go into AOL's chat room: Politics: Democrats. He's under a screen name such as BelaRulz,Belarules etc. Be your own judge. See the craziness and spastic behavior yourself. The guy is a lunatic that stays in an AOL chat room 365 days a year, both day and night. Just keep your kids away from his "Soccer Club" and the park near his home.

Reported on: 12th, Jun. 2014
Complaint by Harris P Harris :

I remember Neal from high school. He was considred an oddball because he'd peek around urinal walls to have a "conversation". It was the bathrom equivalent of "toe tapping." If that doesn't say desperation, I don't know what does. This same bevhavior exhibits itself in chatrooms. His attention seeking behavior is reminscent of a harridan. YOu know the kind. The type that talks your ear off until you just want to scream "STFU." If being annoying was a crime, Neal would be a life serving felon.

Reported on: 8th, Jul. 2014
Complaint by Mrs. Blum :

My daughter Michelle Palma has posted these lies and fabrications about Mr. Neal. My daughter is a known pathological liar and overall psychopath and should be in an institution.

Reported on: 14th, Jul. 2014
Complaint by Vicki Neal (Wife) :

A 65 year-old Minnesota man died earlier this year after a vibrator became stuck in his ******, a coroner's inquest heard Tuesday. Barry Neal, who was unemployed and lived with his elderly mother, was rushed to a local hospital on July. 20, 2014 after the *** toy got stuck inside him for five days. Neal, who was diabetic, became progressively weaker, and was unable to move from his couch during that time. He only sought assistance after a friend learned of the problem and begged him to get help. Doctors said that the vibrator had perforated the man's bowel. Neal developed septic shock and suffered multiple organ failure, the coroner ruled. His condition deteriorated over a lengthy stay in the ICU. He died July. 20. "The main cause of death clearly is just the abdomen injury -- the injury to the bowel," Assistant Coroner Sarah Ormand-Walshe said, according to the Daily Mail.

Reported on: 16th, Aug. 2014
Complaint by Barry Neal :

BelaRulzDemFooIz: I have few things that I enjoy...fishing...and coaching soccer...I\'m on the board of a non-profit youth sports organization. My life sucks. Life is a dud.i smoke dope daily to alter my reality

Reported on: 31st, Aug. 2014
Complaint by Barry Neal :

Barry Neal: I actually said both of my kids were successful! ROFLMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Barry Neal: the little nuggets were successful in getting arrested for drug pushing felonies Barry Neal: My homosexuality has me on the ropes ! NEVER EVER stay in the closet like I have and marry a female

Reported on: 24th, Sep. 2014
Complaint by Mike Hunt :

Barry Neal: I'm the scum that commits crimes. Barry Neal: I think had I gotten help I wouldn't be like this.

Reported on: 5th, Nov. 2014
Complaint by kevin Neal :

my father always touched me inappropriately. Maybe that is why I am ***. I wish someone had stopped him!

Reported on: 11th, Nov. 2014
Complaint by B. Neal :

Barry Neal: My friends slandered me on a website...is that cool or what ROFL ! It's not slanderous if it's true though. I am what I am.

Reported on: 12th, Nov. 2014
Complaint by Gladys Kravitz :

Barry C Neal: 64 years old and I'm here ecvery day! Barry C Neal: I'm a dn't a little coward. Barry C Neal: My posts are on this site >>> http://vnc.voyeurweb.com/comments.html?c=194177&n=194258-194194 (Keyword to: http://vnc.voyeurweb.com/comments.html?c=194177&n=194258-194194) Barry C Neal: I like his golden drinks warm and "straight from the tap" Barry C Neal: yes...I'm cowering in the corner hoping for backup Barry C Neal: poor me! I'm still moist over typos Barry C Neal: I doen't like this room...but I live here daily 8) Barry C Neal: I've been exposed as a whiny cowardly little girl Barry C Neal: ...that's what really pisses them off. They can find dirt on me...so I make up lies. I killed my wife. Barry C Neal: mentally ill? >>>> scroll down for my post >>> http://vnc.voyeurweb.com/comments.html?c=194177&n=194258-194194 (Keyword to: http://vnc.voyeurweb.com/comments.html? c=194177&n=194258-194194) Barry C Neal: My post is the 5th from the Barry C Neal: he's just upset I exposed that I like to meet him on 15th street! Barry C Neal: I call everyone I've conversed with online and I met one from online. I have sent 3 cards to male lovers Barry C Neal: I gave my boyfriend a hard one last week. I know it accomplished it's purpose! Barry C Neal: When i was in Italy in 2010 I sent a nude to my Mother. Would I take the time to do that when I was on vacation?..Yes! I'm your typical lunatic! 8-) Barry C Neal: I was really careless of to leave my name on my page after I used it! Barry C Neal: how do you reconcile your bragging about being my male lover having 2 Japanese men in my garage while typically I have 3. Barry C Neal:...he wouldn't dare do it in person. I'm a little coward. Barry C Neal: I admit that I am a coward and shoot my yap off constantly, but I'm ill! Barry C Neal: I got arrested for drunk walking Barry C Neal: impotent? I havee 3 young boys after my very brief marriages Barry C Neal: I like his golden drinks warm and "straight from the tap" Barry C Neal: I'm..cowering in the corner hoping for backup! Barry C Neal: I still gets all moist over typos 8-)

Reported on: 30th, May. 2015
Complaint by Derek ( Son ) :

Holy sh*t! Mom and i knew, but we didn\\\'t know the world knew also. Barry? Do you see why we don\\\'t get along now? Mom is as bad as you are, because she knew also. Now that *** marriage is legal, if and when i marry, and if we adopt, you\\\'ll never see your garndchild. That\\\'s a promise!

Reported on: 29th, Oct. 2015
Complaint by D.J Trump :

Competition. Integrity. And a very hard lesson Say it ain't so: Both soccer coaches get whacked for "tanking" a 12-year-old girls' game. Mark Abboud was a soccer star at Rochester Mayo High School, broke the all-time scoring record for the Macalester Fighting Scots and played professionally in Florida, France and Belgium. Some say he is one of the state's best soccer coaches, perhaps even one of the nation's best girls' soccer coaches. His kids, by and large, love him. So do their parents. But on May 17, Abboud, age 38, jeopardized it all on a field full of 12-year-old girls. He did something contrary to his competitive spirit, contrary to his ego, and contrary to the best interests of the kids he adored, not to mention his own career. Now Abboud has been banned from coaching in the state youth championship series for this year and next. Though he can coach in league play, that could change as more sanctions are expected. His employer, the Minnesota Thunder Academy, expects to announce disciplinary action as early as today. Two weeks ago I wrote about how Abboud told his players to "tank" their game against the 13-year-old team from the same soccer club so that the "best" team could move on to the state finals, a decision he immediately regretted. With the score tied 1-1 against an older, more skilled team, he looked at this players and told them something remarkable: You are going to lose. They did as told and, instead of trying to score on penalty kicks, gently passed the ball to the opposing goalie. Late last week, the league disqualified Abboud's team from further play. They also disqualified the "winning" 13-year-old Thunder team, a favorite to take the state, and issued similar sanctions to that coach, Andy Kaasa. Candace Daley, executive director of the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association, which investigated the incident, said a game official said he overheard the coaches discuss "throwing the game" during a break. Daley has been around youth soccer for more than 20 years and "I've never seen anything like this. It's very unfortunate." The majority of the parents of Thunder players still probably support Abboud, Daley admitted, but the MYSA represents 140 clubs and 80,000 players and reaction from them is "by far very supportive of the action we've taken." As this story unfolded, it has caused heated debate, thoughtful discussion and even soul-searching across the state and even nationally. After all, this is not really a story about sports as much as a story about some of the basic components of life: Honesty. Competition. Integrity. Parenting. The value of success, and failure. Punishment. Forgiveness. Barry Neal, MTA president, just sounded weary and sad. "I think he overthought it and really believed he was doing a good thing," Neal said. "It's sad because [Abboud] has done so much for soccer in this state. But it was a poor decision and the club has to take some sanctions of our own." Neal said Abboud denied that Kaasa participated in a plan to rig the outcome, and in an e-mail, Abboud defended his colleague: "The assumption [of MYSA] was that the U13 coach was 'in on it' which he most assuredly was not," Abboud wrote. If true, however, Kaasa is not the only innocent victim of a poorly conceived plan by Abboud to protect his team from a drubbing in the state finals, or as some suspect, put the club's reputation above his girls. Players from both teams were denied a shot at the title. The teams that played for the championship in place of the Thunder -- Eden Prairie and Edina -- were denied the right to brag without an asterisk, without someone wondering if they really beat the best team. "Both teams in the final deserve to be considered the best," Daley said. "They are every bit as skilled as the teams that were disqualified." As for punishing the Thunder kids for poor decisions by adults, "young people are dependent on the unfortunate actions of adults every day," she said. As for the state championship, Eden Prairie won in a spirited battle. After overtime. In a penalty kick shootout that both teams tried valiantly to win.

Reported on: 20th, Jan. 2016
Complaint by AP Fumblerooski :

Ukcats gets off by licking the dingleberries from Bela's *** hair. She has a fetish that can't be quenched.

Reported on: 1st, Feb. 2016
Complaint by Manuel Rodriquez :

Reported on: 28th, Apr. 2016
Complaint by Barry Neal :

Barry Neal: I didn't pay my bills. You can find liens on my records. I'm a troll and have stalked myself for 7-8 years and can't even find my car that has a a parking ticket

Reported on: 11th, Jun. 2016
Complaint by Bertha Humungus :

Barry Neal: I like that female genital mutilation is increasing here in the USA

Reported on: 23rd, Jun. 2016
Complaint by Brian McKinley :

My name is Brian McKinley and I'm a guy who lusts for Barry Neal. I have had these latent homoesexual urges for years but I can't control myself when i see Barry.

Reported on: 24th, Jun. 2016
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