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Complaint by Anonymous :

Fraud!!!! Wanted my personal information and bank name which of course I didn't provide. Applied through indeed for a nanny job for 1 child Part-time $50 an hour.It was to good to be true.

Reported on: 1st, Dec. 2019
Complaint by Annie :

This person sent an email to my teenage daughter offering a caregiver job for $1000 per week, wanted her personal info to send a check, blindly, without even meeting or speaking with her. THIS IS DEFINITELY A SCAM, DO NOT REPLY TO IT. REPORT TO AUTHORITIES ASAP, COULD BE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY INVOLVED

Reported on: 7th, Mar. 2018
Complaint by Sherry :

I applied for a job over month ago working for a hearing impaired person ad a caregiver. The person that was emailing me was also hearing impaired. The job was for $1000 a month job and this morning I got another email saying that there would be a check coming in the mail for me to use to pay for their rent for their apartment so that when my client arrives she would have a place to lay her head I am supposed to take $1000 out of the money and then deliver the rest of the money to the rental agency and I am just wondering if maybe this might be a scam because there are a lot of typos in her texts. I had no interview and have never spoken with anyone. If you could give me insight on your thoughts. I don’t want to be a victim of a scam. If you need to call me, my number is 5033515892.

Reported on: 25th, Jan. 2018
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