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Complaint by isabel :

Hey, I know your password is: **** Your computer was infected with my malware, RAT (Remote Administration Tool), your browser wasn't updated / patched, ... and I RECORDED YOU (through your webcam) SATISFYING YOURSELF!After that I removed my malware to not leave any traces. I can send the video to all your contacts...You can easily buy Monero (XMR) here: , , , or Google for other exchanger. You can send the Monero (XMR) directly to my address, or create your own wallet first here: , or here: , , then receive and send to mine...My Monero (XMR) address is: BrL51JCc9NGQ71kWhnYoDRffsDZy7m1HUU7MRU4nUMXAHNFBEJhkTZV9HdaL4gfuNBxLPc3BeMkLGaPbF5vWtANQubDtNq5uuC622w4we...After receiving the payment, I will remove everything and you can life your live in peace like before. Next time update your browser before browsing the web! Mail-Client-ID:...

Reported on: 10th, Jun. 2021
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