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Complaint by TESSA :

Unreal,crazy non stop Now I have new email addresses at AOL from Canon Richard Non stop

Reported on: 17th, Sep. 2023
Complaint by Tessa Stauffer :

My identity stolen, all social media accounts, Military Marine Chief who took Oath, Canon Blane Richard Marine Chief communications, track him watch What he does to all females. No scammer or hacker its HIM. It's reported for two years, tracking my gmail, has isp, messing with isp, landline security system. Non stop 24/7. Nothing done, he is untouchable crazy,wrong. He is doing all spam **** now. He is known for HARRASMENT females no hacker or scammer, it him . It's a game to him was Chief Communications Special ops team Canon Blane Richard age 39 originally from Kinder, Louisiana lives in Jacksonville, North Carolina,,, Canon on every social media site scamming non stop, he took demoetation to go for his dream with weight lifting, he is to be involved w a Brenda lee Baker Bovee retired military. I keep telling her her won't leave me alone. Track him,he is doing to alot, alot of females Canon states untouchable, he uses other phone as well. Any suggestions would be appreciated, I notified x wives, xfather in law Marlin Matt things got much worse for me Messing w my credit reports, background cks non stop I have tons of stuff in a file. Lies states in Yemen, or Syria does all from USA. YES HE DID GRAPHIC PICS, CAnon took Oath

Reported on: 17th, Sep. 2023
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