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Complaint by Robert :

Abuser spoofs email and sends from " ( [])" and sends the following: "This account is now infected! It will be good idea to change the pswd this time! You might not heard about me and you are most likely interested for what reason you're reading this email, proper? I'mhacker who crackedyour email boxand devicesa few months ago. Don't make an attempt to msg me or alternatively find me, it is not possible, since I sent you a letter using YOUR account that I've hacked. I've developed malware software on the adult videos (porno) site and suppose you have enjoyed this site to have a good time (you realize what I mean). While you were paying attention to content, your internet browser began operating like a RDP (Remote Control) having a keylogger which granted me ability to access your screen and web camera...." "... My bitcoin wallet address: 18DGKAQ3gHQVmPHPVyLvBGsCoX1d4G8yfq (It is cAsE sensitive, so just copy and paste it)."

Reported on: 16th, Sep. 2020
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