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Complaint by Ian Grundy :

Isn't is your passphrase? My name is Jacklin. I have the taped video of your cam which shows your immoral sexual actions and clip you played on the x-rated video because that site had my backdoor set up. In the video footage you happen to be looking appealing. Your mail and Facebook contacts were afterward sent to me by the malware. I will email your recording to your friends unless you send me 1000 USD via Bit coin in the next 36 hours to the below address: Bit coin Address: 1DPiHdQpcYt2XfbWiXA2D4FjevQSiA77tr Please Copy & Paste the address because it is case sensitive. Once I get the money, I will destroy your recording and every other information I have about you. If I don't get the money, I will email your recording to every contact of yours. You can easily imagine about the shame you will get. Furthermore if you happen to be in an important relationship, precisely how it will certainly affect?

Reported on: 25th, Nov. 2021
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