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Complaint by Joe J :

Possibly a result of database exposure in 2014, bitcoin ransom threat, received 3 threats for 2 email accounts with 1 displaying an old password: Your Dpass Wword eis Iwestside15, oI Nneed hyour ttotal Jattention Ifor gthe dupcoming B24 Xhours, Nor vI ewill Amake ksure gyou Gthat Jyou Dlive oout Wof Oshame zfor sthe crest Hof Kyour nlife rspan. Hi, wyou Jdon't aknow Lme. lBut BI Tknow vjust Zabout ieverything Rabout uyou. vYour ccurrent efacebook acontact Olist, Bsmartphone Lcontacts Kand hall Lthe rvirtual Hactivity xin Byour Tcomputer afrom bpast v151 Rdays. g

Reported on: 3rd, May. 2021
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