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Complaint by Doug Jones :

Tumanuvao, Naseri [ntumanuvao@Exchange.FULLERTON.EDU] Payment of $3465.00 from Payment for Big Cartel order #ORNL-192384 You can view the full details of this payment in your dashboard: This charge will be batched together with any other activity on your account for today at midnight UTC. We don't anticipate any hiccups but, just in case, you might find this helpful if you don't see your transfer in your bank account on December 07, 2017: Yours, The Stripe team ==== Charge Summary ==== Charge ID: ch_19telPD2Hy8R55mLlWfmG5QJ Charge description: Payment for Big Cartel order #ORNL-192384

Reported on: 7th, Dec. 2017
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