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Complaint by Peter Evans :

I got this text in my spam folder: i know _________ is one of your password. I've recorded your cam while you were watching **** on XX sites, also I've installed a keylogger on ur pc & collected all your contacts on social networks, messenger & emails. If you want me to erase the recording, pay me 1152$ on bitcoin address: 3QAcDipRs8MwEbLBHVYKN3kNJ7nPveuGi5 (search in Google for "how to buy bitcoin"), [case SenSitiVe so copy & paste it]. If I don't get the bitcoins, I will definately send your video to all of your contacts, don't reply to this email it's hacked. hBaweA

Reported on: 10th, Jun. 2021
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