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Fake IRS Email

If scammers are good at one thing it's definitely social engineering. They know that things like online medication and casinos are associated with crime and dirty, but what about a government agency such as IRS? First thing that comes to mind is "damn taxes", not "dirty scammers".

In the latest scam, hackers send out emails warning you about an important change in your file tax. But once you click on the link in the email the only thing that changes is how your computer starts to behave.

These scams are a growing concern, because they are so lucrative to the online scam artists. Once your computer gets infected, you're invited to download the latest version of a fake anti-virus program which is going to cost you a bundle. Part of the money recouped goes right into the scammers wallet.

Worse part is that even after the apparent virus has been removed, you may still be targetted. Even if the apparent debilitating problem disappears the computer may get infected with an invisible trojan keylogger, which is going to record all your passwords.

Best advice is to completely re-install the operating system once you get infected, this is the only sure way of getting rid of these viruses for good.

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