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Botnet zombie computers

Imagine that a web-site is a door. If you try to cram 15 people through that door at the same time they would clog the entrance. Same thing happens when too many computers try to get into a site. This group of computers is known as a botnet.

Unfortunately the computers which participiate in the attacks don't know they're doing so. Botnet computers are like infected zombies which attack on command. What's worst is that if your computer becomes a zombie all your personal information becomes exposed as well.

Hackers create botnets to extort money from lucrative sites. They will blackmail webmasters forcing them to pay up or have their web-sites shut down.

In today's cyberworlds it's important to always perform the following steps in order to minimize the chance of getting infected:

  • Always secure your wireless internet connection
  • Do not connect to wifi networks which you do not recognize
  • Never open emails from unrecognized senders
  • Don't install software from unrecognized sources (especially pirated software which is often full of viruses)
  • Install an anti-virus prorgram as well as firewall
  • Don't visit suspicious sites (especially x-rated ones)
  • Always update your operating system with the latest patches

Apart from monetary gain many young hackers (known and script kiddies), install viruses for fun. So you don't have to be a high ranking politician to get attacked, every single person it at risk.

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