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Complaint by tracy lane : is a professional hacker that specializes in exposing cheating spouse,and every other hacking related issues. he helps catch cheating spouse by hacking their communications like call, Facebook, text, emails, Skype and many more. i have used this service before and he did a very good job, he gave me every proof i needed to know that my fiancee was cheating. You can contact him on his email to help you catch your cheating spouse, or for any other hacking related problems, he will definitely help you, he has helped a lot of people, contact him and figure out your relationship status. i wish you the best too.

Reported on: 21st, Oct. 2016
Complaint by philip :

Our service list is outline as follows 1. University grades changing 2. WhatsApp Hack 3. Bank accounts hack 4. Twitters hack 5. Email accounts hack 6. Website crashed hack 7. Server crashed hack 8. Sales of Spyware and Keylogger software 9. Retrieval of lost file/documents 10. Erase criminal records hack 11. Databases hack 12. Sales of Dumps cards of all kinds 13. Untraceable IP 14. Individual Computers Hack 15. Money Transfer 16. Crediting Our service is the best online Our mail:

Reported on: 21st, Oct. 2016
Complaint by jennifer :

You guys should contact this guy his good and he does the entire hacking jobs you need and his so friendly to understand what anyone wants and his real which I paid 50% first and balanced him after he screen munched my job and send to me. 646-652-6107 please tell him you got his contact from one of his customer in Canada.

Reported on: 21st, Oct. 2016
Complaint by williams :

I was so confused before, About getting proof of my partner cheating and lieing to me. Thanks for BLACK@ ( ) Whats-App ::+27747340647 the great hacking job done such as :: (facebook, instagram, bbm,Skype, snapchat, western union bug , twitter, badoo, Word Press,zoosk, various blogs, icloud, apple accounts etc.)-clearing of criminal records-email accounts hack ( gmail,yahoomail,hotmail )-breach of web host servers ,Clearing of criminal records , Databases Reach out to and he will help you. Tell him BRENT ...

Reported on: 20th, Oct. 2016
Complaint by james hernadez :

My wife was so smooth at hiding her infidelity so I had no proof for months, I was referred to some hacker and decided to give him a try.. the result was incredible because all my cheating wife's text messages, whatsapp, facebook and even phone conversations was wired directly to my cellphone. hackintechnology helped me put a round-the-clock monitoring on her and I got concrete evidence and he showed me proof..if your spouse is an expert at hiding his cheating adventures Contact:

Reported on: 20th, Oct. 2016
Complaint by elesabethalric :

Are you in need of legit hacker that can help you on all hacking Job contact; they specialize on iphone, icloud , calls, text message, facebook, whatsapp hacking and more.. The can also help you spy on your husband or wife phone, icloud message facebook, whatsapp and more to monitor his or her activities on phone especially if your husband or wife is cheating on u. I had once help me get a clear proof that my husband is cheating of me , if you need such help contact them by email, . i am very sure the will help,

Reported on: 20th, Oct. 2016
Complaint by Mrs. Olive Parks :

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Reported on: 19th, Oct. 2016
Complaint by nyomi :

Should you ever require the services of a hacker, i implore you to try your very best to hire only professionals. will increase your chances of getting your job completed. i was able to hire the services of an elite, asides the fact that i was provided a permanent solution to the service he rendered me but he gave a very efficient customer experience. he carried me along with every process and didnt leave me in the dark. contact; or +1 916 302 2234

Reported on: 18th, Oct. 2016
Complaint by Nora :

Hello Everyone, I am Nora and I want to use this medium to say is the best out here. if you need hacking into a cheating spouse phone,email,facebook, etc..You really need . I read a post by Charity Waller,she connected me with him he is a masterclass at this hacking jobs, its so discreet and interesting, tell him i referred you please.. i promised i would help in any way since he did the same for me..SMS/call: (+1) 917-563-8226

Reported on: 16th, Oct. 2016
Complaint by Ben :

If you're looking for a hacker that's fast, professional and straight forward then i suggest you use this hacker i've been working with for a few months, he has helped me hack a phone, yahoo mail and facebook, his email is

Reported on: 16th, Oct. 2016
Complaint by stacey :

I Basically think we all don't have to face all these deceit and lies from our a case of mine wen i got sick and tired of all the lies and deceit i had to contact a friend of mine to get me the contact of one of the best hackers in the states ..then i met saved me from the lies of my cheating husband by hacking his phone..Incase you need help with hacking any phone or account or other jobs contact him via email/phone (CYBERHACKSOLUTIONS@GMAIL.COM) or +1 916 378 4978 Tell him i reffered you.He will help you

Reported on: 15th, Oct. 2016
Complaint by Radar hackers :

Are you looking for a professional hacker......Do you want to get your job done urgently...Contact We render the following services; universities data base hack, email hack, whatsapp hack, retrieve messages,deleted data and recovering messages on call phones. Facebook hack, for school upgrades, drivers license, hack call log, hack computer remotely, erase criminal records, bank account hack, untraceable ip and all degree of hacking. we also sell high grades techs,hacking chips and gadgets. If you are interested in spying on anyone. Crediting money transfer and other various activities. Email interception hack,twitter hack,instagram hack,gmail hack,yahoo hack,paypal hack,mastercard hack,credit card hack and untraceable balance hack. Retrieval of lost files and documents

Reported on: 14th, Oct. 2016
Complaint by dawn :

I have used quite a numberof times and he has never disappointed me.he has once help me get proof on my husband cheating activities on his iPhone .He does all types of mobile hack;get unrestricted and unnoticeable access to your partner/spouse/anybodies facebook account,email,watsapp,textmessages.He also makes changes in any database/website such as your college/university grades..Getting the job done is as simple as sending an Email to stating what you want to do. Sure he will help you contact him on +12017465127

Reported on: 14th, Oct. 2016
Complaint by suzan white :

Hello everyone! i want to publicly appreciate the effort of for helping me hack my partner's whatsapp without access to the phone in less than 48hrs and my partner did not figure.You can also contact him for all sorts of hacks...He would be willing to help you.Just tell him i reffered you and you can be rest assured he would provide you with fast and reliable service...Getting the job done is as simple as sending an email or text (CYBERHACKSOLUTIONS@GMAIL.COM) or +1 916 378 4978 Tell him i reffered you.He will help you

Reported on: 13th, Oct. 2016
Complaint by liry :

Get good GRADES and do not let your lecturers frustrate your future. The other advantage is that no one ever gets to find out. The security of my clients is my first priority Do you want the service of an expert hacker that is specialised in UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE GRADE CHANGE/UPGRADE contact, STUDENT TRANSFER TRANSCRIPT CHANGE?. My service is fast and secured. I do SCHOOL GRADE, TRANSCRIPT CHANGE AND TRANSFER for students all over the world (ASIA, NORTH AMERICA, SOUTH AMERICA, AFRICA, ASIA, EUROPE and Australia). No matter your location. Have you been having problem with your SCHOOL GRADES Have you graduated and did not have the right GRADEs Do you want to UPGRADE your TRANSCRIPT and get your desired certificate Do you want to transfer to another school? COTACT ME ON: and +12097308159.

Reported on: 13th, Oct. 2016
Complaint by Nora :

Hello Everyone, I am Nora and I want to use this medium to say is the best out here. if you need hacking into a cheating spouse phone,email,facebook, etc..You really need . I read a post by Charity Waller,she connected me with him he is a masterclass at this hacking jobs, its so discreet and interesting, tell him i referred you please.. i promised i would help in any way since he did the same for me..SMS/call: (+1) 917-563-8226

Reported on: 13th, Oct. 2016
Complaint by Retro Services :

We are best when it comes to hacking our services include: -School Grades Change,universities grades change -Legit and secured Credit repair -Email hack,hack your partner phones -Database hack -Facebook, Whatsapp,Kik, -Hack Call Logs, -Retrieve messages, deleted data and recovery of messages on cell phone Your security is 100% guarantee. Intrested parties can reach us at

Reported on: 11th, Oct. 2016
Complaint by Teresa Green :

Contact the stalllions with my hacking issues when I wanted to get into my bank account among others. He is really good, contact him via ( ) or text +1 646 480 9658 . If you want to hack into; *social media; Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp, gmail, yahoo and any other. *changing and deleting of grades *gain access to company systems and bank accounts. *deleting DUIs and company records, also any other hacking you want, he is the best. You should work with him and get the best services at good prices. Tell him I referred you to get your job done more faster. Contact him today and get your issues solved

Reported on: 10th, Oct. 2016
Complaint by frank :

We guarantee 100% clean job with no trace. Your identity will be hidden, Hacking is our job, for all your hacking need, please Email me on

Reported on: 9th, Oct. 2016
Complaint by Micheal Roland :

I saw so many recommendations on different types of database access that phone, Emails, and Facebook, credit fix and they were really efficient and now I have access to everything including phone calls and also helped me with deletion in my Credit report. I promise they are real genius you can message them at +1 646 480 9658 .

Reported on: 9th, Oct. 2016
Complaint by flora :

Are u having doubt that your partner is cheat on you on facebook, whatsapp, pinger, viber, hangout and more, and you want to spy on his/her phone, or +14242098406 is a fast and reliable hacker you can count on for the job. He help me get a prove that my wife is cheating on me. if you need is service send message to above email., he will help you.

Reported on: 7th, Oct. 2016
Complaint by tom anderson :

I suggest you hire a hacker, i saw his info ( Hackservices41 @gmail .com ) on a friend\'s post here on quora and i contacted him ,he does series of hacking job from password recovery, credit score upgrade and clean up,he also helps catch cheating spouse,and help get unrestricted and unnoticeable access to your partner/spouse, GPS tracking,, Facebook account,Email,Whatsapp,Text messages,Emails, phone calls, helped me out with a job and am sure he can help you out aswell. he his truly a genius at what he does. You can reach himvia his Mail: HACKSERVICES41@GMAIL.COM ( promised to make this recommendation). wish you all the best

Reported on: 6th, Oct. 2016
Complaint by kim george :

Have you guys checked out Wayne, contact { } or call +1 724 209 1657 heís just a cyber guru involved with cloning phones, hacked into my exís whatsapp and Facebook account, good to know he ainít right for me, I canít keep up with a cheat and a lair, I think I deserve better, deals on any type of hack relating to all cyber issues such as Facebook, fb messenger, gmail, whatsapp, instagram, skype, upgrading school scores, database, software testing, password sniffing, DOB, SQL, DB penetration, erasing criminal records, SMTP any domain, lease penetration and lots more. You could mail him as well if You got any cyber issues, heís discreet and professional too. He sure gave me the best and executed my project with the quickest time frame.

Reported on: 5th, Oct. 2016
Complaint by ANTHONIA :

i am katherine Donald. When I suspect my husband cheating I contact helped me get clear proof of all my husband cheating activities on his phones calls, text, kik, skype, whatsapp, facebook, emails, and others. if you need help to spy on your husband phone contact him. Am sure he would help you.

Reported on: 4th, Oct. 2016
Complaint by KATE :

i was frustrated and depressed when i noticed my spouse was cheating on me and there was nothing i could do about it, one day my friend recommend to me and decided to contact him we got to talking and they have been helping me spying on his phone and intercepting text messages, getting mail passwords,registry hacks e.t.c. right now i am in the final stages of my divorce getting what i deserve all thanks to hackingsolution. you should contact them if you have any hacking hacking problem ; , text or (phone) +14242098406

Reported on: 4th, Oct. 2016
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