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Complaint by Sanjay :

Exactly similar email to use asking to process order for 60 pax. Felt suspicious - googled his email and found this chain. Hope he is nailed down someday.

Reported on: 26th, Oct. 2017
Complaint by MS :

Yup same emails from same guy

Reported on: 24th, Oct. 2017
Complaint by Anthony :

had similiar email com through 60 high end meals waiting for a response for a wedding anniversary in november 11th lets see what happens dodgy dodgy dodgy my head says

Reported on: 22nd, Oct. 2017
Complaint by Brooklyn :

I received a similar email! Looks like they are trying to use a credit card fraudulently. They want me to pay the planner $790 when they arrive. I replied that I could not accommodate their request.

Reported on: 16th, Oct. 2017
Complaint by Melissa :

Same for a catering request here. I asked to speak with the person over the phone but they had ear suregery and have been advised to not use the phone. Yep.

Reported on: 16th, Oct. 2017
Complaint by Ber :

Lol i just got the same email but they were willing to pay me 2700 and needed me to take an extra 2390 out for the couriers

Reported on: 14th, Oct. 2017
Complaint by Linda :

This email started as a potential catering request but gave very little detail, more asked for our menu. I replied with our menu and as I would for any other potential catering job. I quickly received a reply requesting 60 of our biggest burgers for an event on a date in November. I replied with total cost and requesting that a deposit be paid to ensure such a large order. The reply I received to this said they would give me their credit card details to process the full amount, not just the deposit, along with an additional $990 for me to then forward to their planner and they would provide me with the bank details of the planner. Apparently the planner doesn't accept credit card. I have not replied to this last email as yet. I know nothing of this person or company and can't find anything in relation to this email or name through google search at all. I was suspicious right from the start as the grammar and English wasn't perfect but still understandable, there has been no mention of how they know about us and no request for our phone number or anything else. They did ask for a website which we only have a Facebook page. Something just seems totally off so once they asked for me to process such a large amount over the quoted price I became even more suspicious. I am not sure if I should proceed with this order, reply and say thanks but no thanks, or just ignore it and not reply at all.

Reported on: 11th, Oct. 2017
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