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Complaint by David :

Also, got a text saying to email back to this address. I thought it was a scam. The number texted from was 205-549-2778. It just looked to much like what I put in and was asking if I still had it. 20 minutes after a post of course I still have it.

Reported on: 8th, Dec. 2017
Complaint by Rick :

Posted a craigslist ad and 20 minutes later received a text message from this email address asking me to respond via email if I still had the item for sale. Looks like a scam as the phone number coming from the text is a San Martin, California land line number and well outside of my craigslist community. (669-257-3745)

Reported on: 6th, Dec. 2017
Complaint by Lee :

I emailed this address per their request from POSHmark website and was scammed

Reported on: 22nd, Aug. 2017
Please tell us about this Email address