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Complaint by Emmanuel :

Said SABC need me to pay for my TV Licence Account. Please see attached. "Hi, Please find attached correspondence for your attention. The attachment is password protect. The password for the attachment will be one of the following three options: 1. Your ID Number 2. Your Passport Number 3. Your Company Registration Number Kind Regards LettersOnline Team" *I think this is a way of getting sensitive information or trying to use the information for sinister purposes. Would you please alert others not to input in their details

Reported on: 20th, Aug. 2017
Complaint by Wouter :

They also send me this emails. Everyday. I don't open them just delete it asap. I don't even stay in Africa. Obviously spam. Very annoying. Can't get rid of it.

Reported on: 17th, Jul. 2017
Complaint by mark :

be careful of these emails there is embedded spy ware/ virus in the attachment. they got me to open the attachment and few days somebody tried to access my gmail the attachment had nothing to do with me, not addressed to me all , had some bogus person and had luring subject in the title field such as , important notice ext .. b careful people ps these monkeys r very clever as there emails got pass my norton virus / spyware detection

Reported on: 29th, Nov. 2016
Complaint by Karen :

Sending me information on someone's account even when told I'm not that person

Reported on: 9th, Nov. 2016
Complaint by Suretha Burman :

They say I owe MTN money. I do not have a contract - went to MTN and they could not find my name or ID.

Reported on: 8th, May. 2016
Complaint by Jean :

sooooo frustrating. I even asked them not to email me three times and they still email me.

Reported on: 2nd, Feb. 2016
Complaint by Ljay :

they send spam emails from

Reported on: 6th, Jan. 2016
Complaint by dan :

spam emails from

Reported on: 2nd, Dec. 2015
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