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Complaint by Kristie :

I have just received the same thing, he wants to buy my car for his son for a graduation present and he cant come and look at it because hes in the navy

Reported on: 17th, Sep. 2017
Complaint by Wilson :

The same story happened on me.

Reported on: 17th, Sep. 2017
Complaint by Keith :

Had the same thing used the name brooksy wanted to by car for her partner Jason and email address lead to this place

Reported on: 12th, Sep. 2017
Complaint by Ken :

He contacted me about buying a car in launceston, with the intent of shipping it to NT. He's paying $200 through paypal as a deposit, and he's talking to a freight forwarder right now.. I'm waiting for his reply on why he didn't consider buying a car in NT or QLD.

Reported on: 21st, May. 2017
Complaint by Colleen :

This guy messaged me today about car advertised on Gumtree. Send an email and a firm price. I googled his email address and brought me to this page. Thank you

Reported on: 21st, May. 2017
Complaint by Tam :

So same thing here, cars for son who graduated aviation college, he's in the army, wants to buy my car and transport it to NT. Found me on gumtree too! 😡

Reported on: 11th, May. 2017
Complaint by DC :

He\'s at it again. Same email address same story about the navy. This time it\'s for his son who graduated top of his aviation class.

Reported on: 20th, Apr. 2017
Complaint by Charlotte :

This is a con. Contacted me about my car advertised on Gumtree. Says he is in the Navy and cant get here. will pay the full price etc...its all ****. This is a well known con trick. Beaware!!!!

Reported on: 16th, Aug. 2016
Complaint by Tahlia :

Hes buying a car off me from another state and his story sounds legit but not sure

Reported on: 3rd, Jul. 2016
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