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Complaint by Anonymous :

total bullshit 50 odd spam a day

Reported on: 11th, Sep. 2017
Complaint by Russell Palmer :

I was getting four comics, on e-mail, B.C., Peanuts, Garfield, and Wizard of Id. The last one I got was BC for Tuesday August 29, 2017, I have had none since then. Why?

Reported on: 9th, Sep. 2017
Complaint by Anonymous :

its popping up in spam. it's terrible. monies waiting,its a big lie. how do i block this. I'm not interested to even open it!!!!

Reported on: 7th, Sep. 2017
Complaint by Moe Garfield :

This is coming from a virtual address in Greensboro, NC ... 1150 Revolution Mill Dr, Unit 114, Greensboro, NC 27405. It's pure spam.

Reported on: 13th, Aug. 2017
Complaint by Oscar Hernandez :

Received this email through spam wanting me To respond cause monies is waiting for me to be Deposit????

Reported on: 31st, Jul. 2017
Complaint by Alisha day :

His email is popping up in my email bar I don't know if it's a hack or if that's possible but I wouldn't know where else this email address would come from I screen shot when I first noticed it

Reported on: 28th, Jun. 2017
Complaint by Anonymous :

Harassment constantly emailing me spam

Reported on: 20th, Apr. 2017
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