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Complaint by Thomas :

Had the fake pay pal pending payment e mails over paid to cover courier costs of 465!!! Can you send a money gram to the courier in Nigeria when I explained I can't get out of the house as I only have one leg & im partially blind and I'm waiting for my best friends next door nieghbours auntys sons friend from work, well actually the guy that lives next door to him to come help me send the cash money gram but she also has no arms as was blown up by a mine so it will be difficult to send today they seemed very put out by this!!! you have been warned!!!

Reported on: 16th, May. 2017
Complaint by Andrew :

As at 15th may 2017 is still active with the exact same scam on Jewllery I have for sale just waiting for payment now lol while playing the game courier coming today box is already with a slug in it...

Reported on: 15th, May. 2017
Complaint by Chris :

Texted me. Asking if I still had the jewellery. Text was like a service message as I wasn't able to reply. This made me suspicious. So I looked the address up and here it is!

Reported on: 15th, May. 2017
Complaint by Nikki :

I have received an e-mail saying that they wanted to pay full asking price for a ring i had advertised on Gumtree but due to recovering from heart surgery and hearing loss was unable to collect in person. They said they would pay by PayPal and send a courier for the item. Luckily i googled the e-mail address and saw that this was a scam before any transactions took place.

Reported on: 3rd, Mar. 2017
Complaint by Sarah :

This lady hasaid contacted me via Gumtree to purchase an item I have for sale in was immediately suspicious and Google drive the address. Appear to be active scammers

Reported on: 17th, Feb. 2017
Complaint by Marco :

They made me believe that they wanted to buy an item I had on sale on and said they wanted to pay with paypal. Then they sent a fake email with the paypal payment recipit. Then they sent me another email saying that they had payed 290 more than due + another 40 that I had to use to pay a courier to get the item delivered to them. I had to pay the 290 to a giy in Nigeria (from UK) and use the 40 as the fee for moneygram to send the money. This user has been reported to gmail as well. Their fake paypal email has been reported to paypal.

Reported on: 17th, Jan. 2017
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