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Complaint by K Viljoen :

I received an e-mail in response to Gum tree add. I found it suspicious and told my husband and we googled the address and found this thread. The e-mail: Great! please consider them sold and take the ads down off gumtree,i am buying it for my cousin and i am ready to pay your full asking price, i have read through the advert and i'm totally satisfied with it and i will be glad if you can get back to me fast,sadly i won't be able to come for the inspection and pick up due to my disabilities,i loss my hearing and being on a wheelchair but I have a courier agent that will help me to pick it up at your preferred location. Regarding the payment i can only pay via PayPal at the moment and I will be responsible for all the PayPal fee/charges on this transaction kindly get back to me with your PayPal email and the pick up location so that i can inform the courier agent about it now? Awaiting your reply soon...

Reported on: 16th, Sep. 2017
Complaint by Keira :

As above, my mum was selling something on eBay and sent me the long correspondence with lots of excuses about how she couldn't get out, needed to send by courier, transfer the money via MoneyGram, gift for her cousin etc. Thankfully mum sent it to me and I was immediately suspicious, then searched and found this thread. Glad I did!

Reported on: 10th, Aug. 2017
Complaint by saira :

shres q scam shes always contactn me for stufd sayn its for her cuzn and she has problem with hearding and had surgery so cnt go out

Reported on: 17th, Jun. 2017
Complaint by sazo :

Reported on: 17th, Jun. 2017
Complaint by Thomas :

Reported on: 16th, May. 2017
Complaint by Andrew :

As at 15th may 2017 is still active with the exact same scam on Jewllery I have for sale just waiting for payment now lol while playing the game courier coming today box is already with a slug in it...

Reported on: 15th, May. 2017
Complaint by Chris :

Texted me. Asking if I still had the jewellery. Text was like a service message as I wasn't able to reply. This made me suspicious. So I looked the address up and here it is!

Reported on: 15th, May. 2017
Complaint by Nikki :

I have received an e-mail saying that they wanted to pay full asking price for a ring i had advertised on Gumtree but due to recovering from heart surgery and hearing loss was unable to collect in person. They said they would pay by PayPal and send a courier for the item. Luckily i googled the e-mail address and saw that this was a scam before any transactions took place.

Reported on: 3rd, Mar. 2017
Complaint by Sarah :

This lady hasaid contacted me via Gumtree to purchase an item I have for sale in was immediately suspicious and Google drive the address. Appear to be active scammers

Reported on: 17th, Feb. 2017
Complaint by Marco :

Reported on: 17th, Jan. 2017
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