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Complaint by nemia :

I Want to know just how genuine this guy makes himself out to be.

Reported on: 19th, Apr. 2017
Complaint by Jowasa yacakuru :

I what to had a loan with you

Reported on: 9th, Mar. 2017
Complaint by hyh :

INFORMATION !!! Hello Mr. / Madam let me you contact on this day. Here is the e-mail address of a lender who can help you make a loan without any difficulty. Here is his email address: e-mail: I would like to inform you that Mr LUCAS is a particular lender offering financial loans to help people in need. We are not without ignorance that the crisis has seen our continent and has weakened our banks and our financial institutions. I would like to convey to you the offer of loan from Mr LUCAS, this loan is within the reach of all, whether unemployed, prohibits Bank etc... I am also addressing the people who are in need and seeking assistance financial to see their projects or to pay off their debts. It gives a loan ranging from $1000 $1.000.000 to all people able to pay it back with interest at the rate of 3% for anyone interested, send a message to his e-mail address to take the loan. Contact him on his email:

Reported on: 13th, Dec. 2016
Complaint by leo :

I've been received this message to my fb friend ,actually it is true or rather than some kind of scam

Reported on: 15th, Jul. 2016
Complaint by Ebba :

What is this, I can't believe about this, this is all a scam pls don't pullshit me OK bye GB

Reported on: 4th, Jul. 2016
Complaint by James Kendoh Jr. :

Need Help

Reported on: 7th, Jun. 2016
Complaint by :

wanted to help tne poeple destroyed by cyclone winston

Reported on: 23rd, Mar. 2016
Complaint by :

wanyed to help tne poeple destroyed by cyclone winston

Reported on: 23rd, Mar. 2016
Complaint by Ropate :

Just checking I this a SCAM. The reason why I am checking is becos we have a BIG situation in Fiji this comes up in Fiji.

Reported on: 27th, Feb. 2016
Complaint by phil white :

this email is getting many people to post on fac ebook and other sites saying they have got loans from him. i am pretty sure its a scam of some sort as all the posts are the same virtually word for word. just do a search fro the email and see what i mean. appears very common in fiji where i am.

Reported on: 16th, Feb. 2016
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