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Complaint by MMP :

Yup, this and many other lunatic emails do I keep getting from these crazed people!I am so disgusted with gmail as they have no way of stopping this. I even blocked some of these and welp, they just keep coming! I found this just by looking up the email adress, seems it doesn't matter that these freaks keep sending this garbage, because no one can stop them!

Reported on: 11th, Aug. 2017
Complaint by Yup :

They do this to find working/active email accounts. Pll who respond get spammed big time.

Reported on: 11th, Aug. 2017
Complaint by christian :

Who are these people sending mails and **** about pictures?? Could they please put a stop to it or I go all the way to the Internet admin!

Reported on: 8th, Aug. 2017
Complaint by Alison :

I get up to 10 a week from all of these people. I don't send photos to anyone. I mark these as 'spam'. They keep coming back I'm sick of it.

Reported on: 7th, Aug. 2017
Complaint by BenH :

I Tried, I Will Not Reply I Found This Site Searching Jasmine@

Reported on: 2nd, Aug. 2017
Complaint by Karen :

I don't understand why there is nit another way to block these types of emails. They are exhausting not to mention time consuming. I started reporting them all as phishing. Still no change, tried setting filters some better, set to delete not go to spam. Set to received a return mail, why am I receiving this email? Stop emailing me!. Ridiclous. Take down their site sounds good.

Reported on: 1st, Aug. 2017
Complaint by Chels :

I got this email everyday for 3 days! " Hey why did you send me those personal pics?:)" Do not reply!

Reported on: 29th, Jul. 2017
Complaint by Al :

This site sent me a statement would that really trouble a person who is not aware that they are spam. Maybe we all need to gather up and pay all these maggets a visit and teach them a lesson.

Reported on: 25th, Jul. 2017
Complaint by Anonymous :

I've started to report sites like this to the private domain registrars. These are phishing schemes used to gather user's data and send spam. I know with every domain that gets taken down there will be 100 more that pop up. I would like to think that maybe if more people reported these sites that they would go away someday... one can only dream!

Reported on: 21st, Jul. 2017
Complaint by Z :

I got the same messages! Hey this is your neighbor, stop sending me your photos. It's impolite to send me personal photos. One said I hate you! Who ever this is has no life.

Reported on: 19th, Jul. 2017
Complaint by c :

Please do not respond to emails from someone you do not know; especially from an address like "deposit deals". Just mark it as spam if you do. It is possible they get paid for the NUMBER of emails they send out.

Reported on: 15th, Jul. 2017
Complaint by c :

It just takes a couple of mouse clicks to research. The "jasmine" emails are sent to my gmail address, so I click on the down arrow next to the "To: me ", i.e., reply-to:, and mailed-from show. Next to Jasmines return address, the word "via" indicates it was sent from, which stands for Ministry of Education and Training in Viet Nam. So someone sent bulk emails from the gov't website. How did they get my address? As indicated on homepage, I probably entered a review or survey.

Reported on: 15th, Jul. 2017
Complaint by Alice :

Same here but I got a little bit more detail other than a email address it's been sent from an iPhone. Really not happy about this. This is a scam. More than likely going to cancel my email and changed to a new email account.

Reported on: 15th, Jul. 2017
Complaint by Tawnia :

I got the same three!! I don't know how she got my email address & I just want them to stop!!! I use this email for my business!!! I don't need this ****!!!Crazy *****! Get a life!

Reported on: 14th, Jul. 2017
Complaint by Hussain :

I'm constantly getting emails, and day by day they become even more not just nastier, but also take up my email space. I really want to stop emailing me PERMANENTLY, cause all I have done is just mark her email address as a spam. I've never sent any pictures to anyone on my email, nor have I ever asked to have a date with someone who's a stranger to me, nor have I asked for mortgage, free cash, participate in a lottery. I feel like the only way I can stop this is by contacting cyber security, cause these types of emails can also be used to both intentionally and unintentionally bully someone who is in their own world. I have already emailed back several times telling them to stop emailing me. I might as well find the person's IP address, then contact at least two lawyers to put not just me, but other victims of this scandal to get out and fir others to stay out of this situation.

Reported on: 13th, Jul. 2017
Complaint by Kyle :

I don't know how my personal private email address got into frauds scam circulation but I am not interested please take my name off your lists and attempt no further contact.

Reported on: 12th, Jul. 2017
Complaint by Andy :

Received an email "Dude, I always wanted to tell you that the cloths you wear do not look that good on you. Please be more classy! It is for your well-being. Just an advice from a friend. " There's no links or anything and I don't know anyone by this name. Don't understand what the point of spamming people with rude messages is.

Reported on: 12th, Jul. 2017
Complaint by Barry :

I would like my name taken off all the lists I do not need another woman Love who I am with I don't send out pixels to any I do not dress to please others I am happy without all these emails coming in

Reported on: 12th, Jul. 2017
Complaint by Kelly :

I'm sick of these pathetic emails. Every day sometimes twice a day always saying something about photos. Told them to f**k off more times than I care to count. Grrrrrrrrr!! I wonder if there is a way to block certain email addresses

Reported on: 12th, Jul. 2017
Complaint by Tom :

I keep receiving these in my SPAM folder and it's getting quite obnoxious. It's so tempting to reply saying "Hey YOU! Stop sending me your goddamn spam >:(" I don't remember seeing this sort of thing before but it seems within the last month or so, these just pop up several times a day. Too bad it wasn't legal to block up their servers.

Reported on: 11th, Jul. 2017
Complaint by Taylor :

It never stops, I accidentally replied once and now it never stops. Sadly my emailed is tied to everything.

Reported on: 11th, Jul. 2017
Complaint by Anthony :

Says "Hey, Did you just send me your photos? :)" Have never known any Jasmine in my life, and if I ever find out who is behind this, I will do something really bad to them. Had to change my email cuz of the spam.

Reported on: 11th, Jul. 2017
Complaint by frances acosta :

I have gotten multiple e-mail's from Jessica/Jasmine e-mail and it is causing problems with me and my husband,it has to stop or I'm getting an attorney and pressing charges on who ever controls this e-mail.....

Reported on: 11th, Jul. 2017
Complaint by Nick Benavides :

I have as well received the same email as all of you have. I really wish to unsubscribe to this so if anyone finds a way to contact her please leave a link in here! It would help us all!

Reported on: 11th, Jul. 2017
Complaint by Mary Joyce :

Received rude message from Jasmine to stop send pics...NO IDEA what message's referencing! Received similar messages from Melissa referencing threats,extreme profanity as well as messages from Jessica and Sara. Attempted to delete...with no success. There has to be legal steps and or actions regarding messages of this nature! Investigating...

Reported on: 10th, Jul. 2017
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